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14 June

Pope Francis met with over one hundred comedians from around the world, telling them You unite people because laughter is contagious.

Phoenix knights
14 June

The US Department of Justice has released a report accusing Phoenix police of a range of civil rights violations against black, Hispanic, and native American citizens, dating back to 2016.

crime & punishment
Outside in
13 June

Oh dear. I wonder whether the PRPP's politburo expressed displeasure with their film buff, Nicholas Barber, when he earlier described Disney's upcoming Inside Out 2 as having a strong whiff of I'll wait until it comes to streaming.

The princess and the prune
13 June

I don't understand the attraction to Orange Don. Yet he's pulled a babe to host his POTUS24 fundraiser in London, of all places.

celeb; politics
The girl with the golden dress
12 June

If, like me, you'd never heard of French chanteuse and actress Françoise Hardy before, well now you have. A little late, admittedly, since she's no longer with us. But better late than never.

celeb; obituaries

The latest updates to past woes

Total recall
12 June

And now Windows cannot Recall a thing. Someone, presumably a different someone to the earlier someone, has reflected on the wisdom of advertising features that haven't been fully thought-out, and the AI spyware preview build has been pulled from release.

security; technology
Arrogant pollie vs 'arrogant billionaire'
5 June

Australia's Censorship Commissar has thrown in the towel trying to enforce a global takedown. Bloody good. Personally, I think it's overreach for a national government to regulate what foreigners, who had no choice in their election, can watch in their own homes. So fuck OzGov and OzCensor.

politics; teh soshull notwerk; the cuntry club
Pope goes the weasel
28 May

But he really didn't mean it. For his words to be reported that is.

godstuff/religion; I, pedant; language; pandering
The sorry ©rapper
25 May

Ooh, it's been automagically, and invisibly, fixed. Which means McIntosh now only needlessly repeats himself.*

celeb; crime & punishment; the rumour mill
Degrees of freedom
21 May

Not so fast, sonny!

crime & punishment; environment; health


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