I think I've soiled myself

Avengers Assemble: nine word review

Fun but gay, or gay but fun? You decide.

The final battle is right up there with the best that I've seen. It's amazing what they were allowed to do to NYC, the cost of repairing all that damage must have been stratospheric. But the plot was written clichés were strung together by someone in a coma:

  1. Heroes from past films are brought together, along with two nondescripts;
  2. Clash of egos;
  3. Heroes from past films, plus two nondescripts, fall out;
  4. Epiphany: minor so-what? character is killed;
  5. Heroes, plus two nondescripts, pull together to beat common enemy;
  6. Fin!

And was it just me who thought it strange that Thor would be taking orders from Captain America? He's a FUCKING GOD for crying out loud. Cap's just a ponce in a cat suit.