I think I've pissed myself

It's finger cleanin' responsibly good

KFC is temporarily shelving its finger lickin' good slogan, in light of the pandemic.

"We find ourselves in a unique situation - having an iconic slogan that doesn't quite fit in the current environment," the company said. It has altered its packaging with the phrase obscured but KFC said the phrase would return when the time was right.

BBC News droid

KFC poster showing “finger lickin′” pixellated out

The Advertising Standards Authority has received complaints about a KFC advert showing people licking their fingers.

The complainants considered the advert was irresponsible because they thought it encouraged behaviour that might increase the chances of Covid-19 spreading. The advert was withdrawn by KFC.

BBC News droid

Which only goes to show that some people will complain about anything. Or that some people really are that stupid.

While I understand the motivation behind KFC's change in their slogan, I still think that it's both spineless and braindead. As people on social media have commented, you're already eating with your hands.

Besides, claiming that their food is finger lickin' good is a statement on its deliciousness, it's not a directive to lick your fingers if you don't want to. People who want to lick their fingers will do so irrespectively; those that don't, won't. If you're lucky, KFC provides a minuscule, disposable, barely-moist towelette, as an alternative to licking your fingers.

But all that this has really achieved is to make me want KFC. And I can't get it here in Basel, which makes me sad. (sad)