The drains have backed up again

Thanks Mack! (thumbup)

Bloody hell! What are the chances?

After my bitching about Mackenzie Scott's disproportionate wealth, she's reached out to offer me a cool $100M, plus change. I wonder if she reads this blog? (thinking)


I'm Mackenzie Scott Ex-wife of Amazon CEO and founder, I'm donating $ 4 billion Dollars to charities, individuals, colleges across the Globe from Scott's foundation, to provide immediate support to people suffering economically from COVID-19 pandemic and you're one of the lucky winners, i have a donation grant worth $100,800,000.00 Dollars for you, you can contact me for more information if you're interested.

Mackenzie Scott.

My family get through disposable Chongmasks like they grow on trees. So her generosity is very much appreciated.

I hadn't realised that she'd relocated to Ukraine though. She's braver than me, given that Russia isn't planning to invade anytime soon.

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