What's that smell?

Mars attacks!

opening image from Mars Attacks!

In 2009, the UK Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk because, according to newly released files: it served no defence purpose and was taking staff away from more valuable defence-related activities.

In a briefing for the then defence minister, Bob Ainsworth, in November 2009 a civil servant, Carl Mantell of the RAF's Air Command, suggested the MoD should try to significantly reduce the UFO work. He said it was "consuming increasing resource, but produces no valuable defence output".

BBC News droid

But has it occurred to anyone that Mantell may in fact be one of them? A common tactic for an invasion force is to send a double agent to infiltrate the enemy, persuading them to lower or redirect their defences, prior to…ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

Mantell may simply be a cover for an agent of the Martian Imperial Space Force.

Remember kids, come the alien invasion, you read it here first.

Of course I don't believe a word of it…but I'll don my tinfoil hat, just in case.