It's all gone to shit

This auspicious year

Those crazy Californians and their wacky ways.

No, let's not beat about the bush now. Michael J is no more based in the Golden State than I'm the president of Uzbekistan. Certain turns of phrase give the game away, indicating that Michael, or Mishal, is not a US-based rent-boy. And he's using the Hyderabad head office's telephone number; which is either a Freudian slip, or Peertechz have given up with their Oklahoman telephone answering service. Needless to say, the offer to unsubscribe if uncomfortable with their emails is not a link, and there are no further instructions on how to do so.

All that noted, I would've preferred him to enlighten me on what makes 2022 auspicious. Perhaps it's just something that those with inside knowledge of HIV/AIDS research are expected to know. And if you have to ask the question, you either needn't apply or wouldn't understand the answer.

Incidentally, I note from their contact page, that Peertechz is introducing social media platforms for communication with its victims clients. The purpose is, in part: To reduce the risk of spam or junk folder. I think by that, that they mean preventing their spam from being detected as spam, and ending up in recipients' junk mail folders where it belongs. Personally, I don't consider this to be a risk in need of mitigation, other than them not sending it in the first place.

But, could it mean they themselves ceasing to send uncomfortable and unsolicited commercial email? No, I didn't think so. (no)

From: "" <>
Subject: Your manuscript will get maximum visualization with high scope: JHCSR
Good wishes from our team! We would like to invite all the scholars, researchers, professors, and scientists to share their ideas and research works to publish in our Journal of HIV for Clinical and Scientific Research (ISSN: 2455-3786) on this auspicious year. You may submit your contributions and ideas related to the field of HIV/AIDS. If this invitation is agreeable to you, kindly contribute your articles (Research, review, Short communication, case Reports, Opinion, mini-review, etc.) on or before March 21, 2022. Looking forward to your treasured acknowledgement. Have a great day! Best regards, Michael J, Managing Editor 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1101 Los Angeles, California 90024, USA Tel: +9140 42218185 If you are not comfortable with our emails, please unsubscribe.