All's not what it seems

The type of R. Kelly*

Something about the reporting of R. Kelly's trial for racketeering, sexual abuse and bribery struck me as strange.

Prosecutors have claimed the singer used bodyguards, drivers, lawyers and accountants to cover up his alleged crimes, and bribed victims by photographing and filming them having sex and then threatening to release the tapes.

BBC News droid

I freely admit to being no lawyer, even of the barrack-room variety. But, by all definitions that I'm aware of, this constitutes blackmail, whereby a victim is coerced to comply under threat of disclosure and embarrassment. This is not the same as bribery, in which a participant is, usually willingly, induced by the promise of financial or other gain.

I'm not sure if this is the fault of the BBC or other actors in the information supply chain. I'm going to tag it accordingly, though, since ol' droidy should have at least identified the error, if not introducing it itself.

* He's a black male. BA-BOOM-TSCH!