It's all gone to shit

Full Disclosure

report by BBC Disclosure

I've noted previously how BBC News seems to have lots of little compartments for its reporters. Some of these make sense—business and technology, for example—others less so—technology of business, anyone? And then we have BBC Disclosure. Or do we?

The subheading clearly indicates that this is the work of BBC Disclosure, a unit of BBC Scotland. But BBC Scotland's Disclosure programme has been told…. It seems that Disclosure is an investigative programme from BBC Scotland then.

Yet, when the BBC News droid cites the work of Panorama, for example, it doesn't declare itself to be BBC Panorama. So it seems that this is just random shit. Presumably someone's either bored, or needs to make a statement of one kind or another. (thinking)

Perhaps the drive, nay obsession, for DivErSitY AnD InCLuSiOn™ at the BBC goes so far as to include as many diverse pigeonholes for its reporters as possible. (shrug)

Bonus pedantry points: can you spot the grammar error in the story?

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All beer imported to the US needs to be declared to the TTB and given an official label before being shipped.

BBC Disclosure droid, BBC Scotland

Goods are exported to; imported from; or even imported by. Any of these would be correct.