What's that smell?

Not such a bargain

Vinnie's contacted me again, offering a New Year special publication fee of only $159 to Journal of Regenerative Medicine & Biology Research. Hang on, didn't he offer me a reduction to $159 in September? And Ashley Brown offered the same in April, if I submitted before a specific deadline.

Hmmm, I think I've spotted a pattern here…(thinking)

This is beginning to sound like one of those year-round sales scams. Perhaps not such a bargain, after all. (shrug)

Honorable Doctor,
This is to inform you that we are accepting articles from our eminent researchers in the Journal of Regenerative Medicine & Biology Research
We welcome further contributions from researchers who would like to provide their opinions in the future of a subfield of all regenerative medicine, stem cell and biology research. Small studies from experts are also welcome to provide discussion and case reports papers.
The review process will be rigorous and short. It is indexed in Google Scholar, ISI, Crossref, ORCID, ASI, Semantic Scholar, EDOCR, Publons, PubMed (NIH funded articles only), Scilit (By MDPI), Mendeley (By Elsevier), Academia, Scribd, Science Open, etc and received impact as (0.571 by ISI).
Deadline: 10 February 2022, New Year Issue with Special Publication Fee of 159USD or 5000 INR only.
You can submit your article or send us your work by replying to this email.
*If any of your colleague or researcher submit a manuscript with your Referral Code- JRMBR40, he/she can avail 40% off on APC and your next submission will be accepted with 50% off on APC.
I look forward to hearing a positive response from you soon. Thank you for your time!
Dr Vincent S Gallicchio
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