What's that smell?

Jimmy Savile: nasty man with nasty friends...allegedly

Following revelations that the erstwhile Saint James was a predatory sex offender, a woman has come forward claiming that he raped her:

Meanwhile, one woman has told BBC Radio 5 live's Tony Livesey programme she was raped by Savile in his caravan in a BBC car park in 1970 when she was 22 and had just won a beauty contest.

She said on another occasion she was contacted by the same BBC employee who had put her in touch with Savile and invited to attend a film - and then that man raped her in an office at Broadcasting House.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she did not speak out at the time because she thought nobody would have believed her.

Torin Douglas, BBC Media correspondent

Rape is undeniably a serious criminal, as well as moral, offence, and accusations of rape are equally serious. But I find myself incredulous that a woman who is allegedly raped by a man introduced to her by a third party not only fails to report the offence—I accept the concern about not being believed—but when that third party invites her out she doesn't turn the offer down flat.

Strange, but presumably she'll be filing a proper complaint to the police, so that the due process of the law can punish the offender.