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Take it! Like a man!

Kneon (Thom Pratt) at Clownfish TV covered the Ellen/Elliot Page non-story, and received some comments that are predictably similar to my own thoughts. My favourites are copied below, simply for convenience…and some additional commentary.

For his part, Kneon wonders what this will mean for Page's role in The Umbrella Academy, in which he plays a woman. My first thought was that it's only a pretender pretending, so it makes no difference.

But that's not true!

Now, a man is taking on a woman's role. And that's not woke at all, is it? No sooner has he joined the patriarchy, than he's suppressing women and stealing their jobs.

Attaboy, Elliot! You're a fast learner, big guy, and we're proud of you! (thumbup)

And there's fun to be had

Sure, "Elliot." Sure.

Not a nutsack to be found, but sure, Mr. He/They.

El Rodrigo

When you go so woke that you accidentally turn into a rich straight white male.

Grassy Knoll

so is elliot going on hormones/surgery or is he going to be a low effort trans?

Jackson Willbert

My money's on trans-lite, nothing so drastic that it can't be reversed in the next publicity grab. It's going to make the use of public toilets a bit awkward though; props to the first woman who calls him out for using the ladies'. Sooner or later, progressive establishments will have three sets of toilets: gentlemen, ladies, and twinkies/fluid.

Apparently being a plain, dough eyed lesbian isn't woke enough.


Did he mean doe-eyed or dough-faced?

She is now officially a straight white male
Welcome to the "Racist Homophobe Nazi" club

Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG

So “he” became everything “she” hated. Interesting.


Breaking news: Ellen Page reveals her mental disorder.

Creative Screenname

Now her gigantic forehead doesn't seem so weird.

Mr. Panda

But his lips are now out of whack. Either way, it's a mess.