Will this madness never end?

Not so manly

players model the new jersey Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
  • You okay, mate?
  • Nah! I look like a fuckin' poofter, mate.
  • All of our mates are laughing at us, mate.

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, an Australian National Rugby League team, is appealing to the twinks with a pride competition jersey. In doing so, they've lost seven of their players, who were not consulted on the change, and who're boycotting it on otherwise unspecified religious and cultural grounds.

I can't say I blame them. Although my antipathy would be directed more towards institutional virtue signalling, which is what the management playing bloody silly sociopolitical games effectively amounts to.

The players' stance has sparked a backlash online. The jersey sold out in adult sizes in only two days.

Tiffanie Turnbull, BBC News

It's not reported as to how many of those sales were made to the team's supporters, and how many were right on purchases. Or even whether the team's management cares enough to collect any sales metrics besides revenue.

I wonder how much of it will be donated to LGBTQIABC+FAPFAPFAP causes though.


26.07.2022 10:16

I've just revisited the BBC's article, only to discover—quelle surprise!—that it's been stealth edited. The changes include the removal of the above quote about shirt sales, for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, unlike the BBC's editorial staff, the Wayback Machine doesn't forget, and thus I don't look any more foolish than usual. But it does earn this post another tag. Honestly, auntie Beeb, it's not as if you're even pretending to be the world's most trusted international news broadcaster™ anymore. (SMH)