What's that smell?

Always here

There was something about Merissa Dennis' misplaced confidence in me that struck a chord. I've seen this schtick before. But I have no idea why OAJT should believe that I'm always here to assist them, I haven't done so before, and I have no intention of starting now. Or ever, for that matter.

But what really caught my attention is that my one article is needed for the valuable release of the next issue. It might be valuable to the publisher, who's coining it in by fleecing unsuspecting or desperate researchers, but it's of no value to the scientific community. Or the world in general.

From: Open Access Journal of Toxicology <toxicology@juniper-publisher.org>
Subject: Aspiring your response
Hope you are doing well. We are in shortfall of one article for valuable release of Volume 5 Issue 3. Is it possible for you to support us with your 2-page opinion or mini review of this issue towards our Open Access Journal of Toxicology (OAJT)? We are confident that you are always will be there to assist us. We desire to receive your article by the 6th of May. Await your positive response. Merissa Dennis Open Access Journal of Toxicology ISSN: 2474-7599 | Impact Factor: 0.995 Juniper Publishers INC.2082 Michelson Drive Suite 100 Irvine, CA, 92612 USA If you don't want to receive any email, please revert us