It's all gone to shit

What's in a word?

Garbage-tier click-bait site, BuzzFeed, is running out of venture capital and heading towards financial collapse. In an effort to keep afloat, it's trying to reinvigorate itself through a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC.

While reporting the story, Kneon at Clownfish TV wonders whether SPAC is pronounced /spæk/ (spak) or /ɛs.pæk/ (ess·pak). In doing so, he tries to work in a joke based on some lame and obscure Nickelodeon wordplay, which I didn't understand; I don't recall ever having watched Nickelodeon.

That sounds like Nickelodeon slime. Like a pack of spack and then you just, like, slap it on your back.

Kneon, BuzzFeed and CBR Generate CLICKBAIT by Using AUTOMATION Tools?!, Clownfish TV

Perhaps, spak isn't a pejorative for spastic in Kneon's world, because it's the first thing that occurs to me when I see or hear SPAC. So BuzzFeed is a collective of spaks looking for another. Or it could simply be that I'm not as refined as him. (embarrassed)

FWIW, Wackypeedeeya gives the pronunciation as /spæk/.