The ramblings of a pseudointellectal…or a genuine idiot?


Does one become prudish as one gets older? Or is the world becoming more permissive? If twenty-year-old me had seen this ad for Channel 4's Naked Attraction on a London bus, would I have thought it cool or crass?

photo of London bus with Naked Attraction ad Tracy King
The advert was described as "tone deaf" by many, with others saying it put passengers at risk of sexual assault. There were also concerns children could be in the indicated seats.

BBC News droid

Over-egging the pudding? Possibly.

Perhaps some people really do pay attention to passengers' proximity to ads—the world has a bottomless supply of cranks, after all—but I doubt that arseholes who commit sexual assault are more or less likely to do so based on an ad on the side of a bus. Nevertheless, the ad is unbelievably insensitive, if not flat-out moronic.

Naked Attraction is a dating show on Channel 4, where nude participants are viewed by a potential date, who selects a companion and also strips.

BBC News droid

Oh, how little I miss UK terrestrial TV.