Will this madness never end?

Heeeere's Rene!

Bloody hell! Only a week has passed, and she's back. Her message didn't go straight to junk mail, even though I tagged her previous missive accordingly. I think that this might be because the From address has changed. Last week it was editor@jipccrioa.com, and now it's editor@ijoapccri.com. These are for the same journal, Clinical Case Reports International.

The Reply-To address stays the same, renebrinley@clincaserepint.net. This means that she can use any permutation of letters in the sending address, to bypass simple sender-based junk mail rules, but still receive direct replies. Very sneaky, just what you'd expect of a reputable academic institution. Not. (SMH)

My spammers list includes editor@ijpccri.org and editor@ijoaccri.org, which presumably also originate from the same journal.

Assuming that Rene's randomly mixing CCRI with four or five characters selected from A; I; J; O; and P,* then by my calculation she has 1320 permutations to play with.** Per top-level domain. Assuming she limits herself to the big three—.com, .org, and .net—that gives her a total of 3960 fake sender addresses. To my knowledge, thus far she's used only four. (nosmile)

This will ensure that her shit gets delivered to my inbox, no matter how many times I use Outlook's Block Sender option. A more comprehensive approach cannot come too soon. That'll fix her shenanigans. (pipe)

Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 08:50:25 +0000
Subject: High Priority: We Need your Support to Our Journal:-
 Clinical Case Reports International (Impact Factor- 0.285*)
From: Editorial Manager <editor@ijoapccri.com>
Reply-To: Editorial Manager <renebrinley@clincaserepint.net>
Hearty greetings to you, I hope you would be fine and trust this e-mail finds you well. This is Rene, Editorial Manager of Clinical Case Reports International (Impact Factor- 0.285*). We have some ongoing and upcoming issues, which will be launched shortly. If you're interested to write and submit a manuscript, kindly share a Research/Review/Case Reports/Case Series/Case Presentation/Case Study/Case Blog/ Medical Images & Videos/Editorial (2-3 pages )/Short Communication (2-4 pages)/Clinical Images (150 words)/Letter to the Editor/Opinion which would be considered for publication. All published articles will be provided with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) issued by Crossref. Please let us know when we can expect your submission at your earliest convenience. We would be grateful if you consider the proposal and submit your manuscript to the issue and make it successful. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Warm Regards, Rene Brinley Editorial Manager 820 EL Camino Real, California, 94002, USA
<img width="1" height="1" src="[snip]" alt="" />

* Which, I guess, represent something along the lines of Indian International Journal and Open Access Publishing.

** If each is used only once, in any order: 5 × 5! + 6! = 1320.