I think I've pissed myself

Quote of the day

Well, it was about three weeks ago, when it was posted.

If I ever knew of the daiper dame, ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak—who travelled long-distance, allegedly wearing a daiper to avoid rest stops, in an attempt to kill her ex-lover's new girlfriend—I've since forgotten about it. But Dr Todd Grande discusses the case anyway.

So far, so-so. But then there's this comment:

It would suck to be one of the statistically miniscule number of people who have ever been to outer space, and have that overshadowed by the accomplishment of being a member of the even smaller minority of adult humans who ever drove cross country in a diaper on a revenge quest.

Katarina Zelenova, commenting on Lisa Nowak (Diaper Astronaut Case) | Mental Health & Personality

Could've used some punctuation there, Katarina, but top comment anyway! (thumbup)