And it's come to this

Mancunians are very naughty people

It appears that Manchester is the UK capital of illegal downloading. And the UK as a whole is second in the world after the United States of Amerika.

The three most pirated artists in the UK are Ed Sheeran, Rizzle Kicks, and Rihanna. I've only heard of the last of these, who also has the most pirated release in the whole wide world. She must be proud to be so popular among the sponging classes.

According to Geoff Taylor, the British Phonographic Industry's chief executive, A lot of people are getting very rich from stealing other people's things.

I suspect that Mr Taylor knows almost as much about the cash flow in the illegal download world as I do, i.e. square root of diddly-squat. But at this rate, the only person whose going to be able to afford to make new music will be Adele. You have been warned!

Switzerland doesn't even make it into the top 20. Shit, even Belgium makes the top 20, and Belgium's world-renowned for being boring.

If the statistics are based on total downloads, and therefore largely population dependent, it means that Portugal (10.6M), Hungary (10M), and Sweden (9.5M) are really punching above their weight. Belgium, at 20, has a population of 11M. So, Switzerland gets off the hook for not making the top 20, having a mere 8M.