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Tell Laura I loathe her

She's using a different From header to before, hence the appearance of this missive from Laura appearing in my inbox. But in both cases, I note that the From header domain name matches the tracking image's. So, it's less likely that these are use-once, random permutations.

Unlike before, when she wanted me to review a manuscript pro bono, Laura takes the time to explain her journal's aim, and that their detritus will be freely available globally, even if it's simply through the expedient of uploading electronic documents to a website. Obviously, potential paying customers get a higher level of care than professionals who're gullible enough to give their time freely. (rolleyes)

By the way, don't get suckered in by the waived publication charges, even though it's only available for six days. There are other, hidden charges, such as DOI registration, where these vermin will scalp the unwary.

From: Gynecology and Obstetrics <>
Reply-To: Gynecology and Obstetrics <>
Subject: Allow us to publish your effort
Greetings! MedPress Gynecology and Obstetrics aims to spread the scientific and medical research information in the form of manuscripts such as Researches, Reviews, Case Reports, Short Commentaries, Letter to Editor, Editorials, Clinical Images etc., in such a way that the content will be accessible freely all over the world. We cordially invite you to publish your manuscripts with our journal and support us. [snip] Publication charges will be full waived off, if you submit the Manuscript on or before 15 April 2022 For journal link: Kindly attach the manuscript to this email. Hope to receive your valuable contributions! Regards Laura Harry MedPress Gynecology and Obstetrics MedPress Publications LLC
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22.06.2022 21:14

This missive, from Mira Weslie on behalf of IJCIMR, isn't really worth creating a new post. Like a number of her pond-dwelling brethren, she hopes that a two-page article isn't time taken. I don't know what the hell that means or what she expects; that I have a stack of two-page articles just hanging around waiting for a home to go to, or that writing them doesn't take any time at all? (shrug)

Anyhow, the purpose of this addendum, is simply to emphasise the point above: waived article processing charges doesn't imply no charges at all. Every little helps, and I guess it's better to have a victim paying less than full whack than having no victims at all.

Incidentally, I'm not sure whether IJCIMR really operates a Colombian domain, or whether the Reply-To header is the result of a little administrative typo. So I added the .com address to the spammers list as well, just in case. Every little helps! (wink) (thumbup)

Subject: Waiting for your Assistance: International Journal of Clinical
 Images and Medical Reviews| ISSN: 2771-6309
From: "International Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Reviews|
 ISSN: 2771-6309" <>
Reply-To: "International Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Reviews|
 ISSN: 2771-6309" <>

This is the campaign template, which I accessed via the highlighted part of the tracking link URL.

Respected [FNAME], I hope you are doing well! Well, we would like to release the Upcoming Issue of IJCIMR (International Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Reviews) in June, so we need your intervention by submitting an article to succeed in this Issue. We accept Review, Minireview, Original Research Articles, Case Reports, Short Communications, etc. Publication sum will be waiv_ed if you submit your Manuscript on or before July 15th, 2022. (DOI Processing sum is applicable). I hope a 2-page article isn’t time taken for eminent people like you. Await your swift submission. Sincerely, Mira Weslie IJCIMR-Editorial Manager
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