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The type of R. Kelly (part 2)*

The jury's returned, and R. Kelly's goin' down!

As with many BBC News articles, the report of his conviction was accompanied by a so-called analysis that's more of an executive summary than a real analysis. This time, it's BBC New York correspondent (really?), Nada Tawfik, who ends with:

For decades these black women kept asking when they would be heard, when their voices would matter. This conviction is their Me Too victory.

Nada Tawfik, BBC News

I'm not sure why she needed to bring the colour of their skin into the picture. As far as I know, the only thing about them that had been reported until now was that they were Kelly's victims.

Perhaps BBC correspondents get paid by the word. She could've earned bonus payment points for stating that there were eleven victims, and two of them weren't women; black or otherwise. A missed opportunity.

* This time it's sex trafficker and racketeer. Impressively, racketeering is a charge normally used against organised crime associations. So he's been quite the naughty boy.