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Haunted hotel

BBC Homepage: “The US' most notorious hotel?”
Is it the US' most notorious or most haunted hotel?

Yes, it's another clickbait link on the BBC homepage. The question posed in the article's headline is, perhaps more mundanely, The US' most haunted hotel?

But this isn't a bait-and-switch whinge. Promise!

Ross Kenneth Urken's advertorial for the The Skirvin Hilton, in Oklahoma City, relates its supposed haunted heritage. The article devolves into some kind of Ghostbusters pastiche towards the end. But, before that, it tells of hauntings; most notably of visiting NBA teams, which scared the players witless. (spooky)

In response, the hotel's artist-in-residence, Petra Germany, wryly observed: I don't think it's haunted, I think NBA players are just a bunch of sissies.