I think I've soiled myself

Babbling books

BBC Culture: “Andrew O'Hagan to Scarlett Thomas: 12 of the best books of 2024 so far”It's taken us to halfway through the year, but the BBC's book babes are back, thoroughly reviewing reviewers' reviews to bring us twelve of the best table top decorations, or leg props, of 2023 thus far. This was as much as they served up in the first quarter two years ago. Whether it's because the ink slingers are slacking off, or the bookworms' have tightened their standards for inclusion this year, is anyone's guess though.

The twelve tantalising tomes include Alexandra Tanner's Worry, which I note only for The Washington Post's observation that it's paced like the internet: petty micro-dramas create a sense of movement, but mostly nothing happens. And that made me ponder the crap I watch on YouTube…as well as this blog.

Will it ever change?