And it's come to this

Sport without sweat

Until now, opportunities for sporting glory have been limited to people who're physically fit and don't mind getting sweaty. Those who want to stay in bed or loungewear, or who don't want to mess up their hair, have been excluded. But all that's changing, as esports are making their debut at this year's Commonwealth Games. And it's about time too!

two women dressed in England esports t-shirtsAs the Games are now under way, it's reassuring to learn that England's esports team is at the top of theirs, such as it is. In what can only be seen as a brave stance in support of women's sporting rights, they're competing in Open and Women's categories. Presumably, the Open category is for transgender women to compete against other men; leaving real, biologically-relevant women to compete together on a level playing field.

Shoubna Naika-Taylor, who co-founded an esports team and lectures on the subject at Coventry College—(SMH)—questions how we define sport: Does it have to be physical? In that case something like snooker can't be classified as a sport. Which is a great question, Shoubna. Is snooker, or eight-ball for that matter, a sport or simply a game? It requires skill and practice to achieve the highest proficiency, but that doesn't make it a sport as such. Mind you, anyone who witnessed Canada's Bill Werbeniuk trying to haul his gut over the table could attest to snooker's physicality.

Loopin' Louie box artHow long can it be before other games get their chance to shine? Monopoly might be a challenging addition; but if the tournament starts as the Games open, then it could be finished in time for the closing ceremony.

And if they include Loopin' Louie, then I'm in! (thumbup)