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Catch and release

After his grandmother was scammed out of $27,000 in a phishing attack, Clark Hoefnagels created an AI-based tool, called Catch, that detects scam emails. Ironically, Catch is Currently compatible with Google’s Gmail, in that it's only compatible with Gmail.

This means, of course, that spammers and scammers using Gmail can avail themselves of protection against their fellow scumbags, which they don't really need because they're wise to fraudulent behaviours, what with being practitioners an' all. On the other hand, their victims who use email platforms other than Google's botnet go unprotected.

Catch has met with a largely apathetic reception from Gmail's users, which isn't surprising given that they're more interested in spamming and scamming than being stopped.

Yes, I realise that Gmail is used by many people, most of whom are innocently going about their daily lives. I guess there's an assumption at Catch that anyone using Gmail who isn't a spammer or scammer is a total putz, whereas anyone who's savvy enough to be using another platform isn't. Dunno. (shrug)