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Reading of the death of Ronnie Spector, I was expecting her ex-husband's criminal conviction to be dragged up. Not that it needed to be included in her obituary; after all, it had nothing to do with her. The couple had divorced three decades prior to Lana Clarkson's murder.

And, predictably enough, ol' droidy didn't subvert my expectations. Neither, equally predictably, did our friend the bucktooth-retarded editor.

He later died in prison in 2021 while serving a murder sentence.

BBC News droid

He wasn't serving a murder sentence, he was serving a prison sentence for murder. For the sake of clarity: he was sentenced to prison for having being found guilty of committing murder, he was not sentenced to murder. (rolleyes)

Anyway, all that petty bitching aside, what I did learn was that the Ronettes' first, and only, album was called Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica. Which is a bloody marvellous title for an album.