What's that smell?

Butt, officers...

After Darrell Meekcom mooned a speed camera in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, he was surprised to be arrested, and wrestled to the ground, by no less than six police officers. Meekom suffers from a plethora of disabling diseases, and uses a wheelchair. Most people would think that a single officer, or two since they like to go about in pairs, could've done the job well enough.

At a time when police forces are complaining of being under-resourced, it's reassuring that West Mercia Police can send six highly-trained, crack pie-scoffers to arrest one disabled man. The burghers of Kidderminster can sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that no speed cameras will be offended by buttocks being waved at them.


14.11.2021 21:35

Since his arrest, Darrell Meekom's act of civil critique has been commemorated in the best possible way: art.

Mr Meekcom said he received anonymous messages from someone who told him they "represented an international street artist" who wanted to do a piece based on his experience.

He believes the piece is a work by Banksy, but it has not been confirmed by the secretive street artist.

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photo of graffiti showing Bart Simpson mooning police officers Darrell Meekcom

I don't know ways in which Banksy moves, his over-appreciated wonders to perform. But whether it's his work or that of another doesn't matter. It's brilliant! (thumbup)