Will this madness never end?


BBC headline: Prescribed Bristol comedy course could help trauma recovery
BBC headline.

Laughter is the best medicine, or so we're told. And a prescribed comedy course could be a new way to help people recover from trauma. The sessions will be free for participants, although presumably not for the UK taxpayer; they get their joy from their tax bill.

But all of this simply draws to our attention that Bristol University has a comedian in residence. Really. And her name is Angie Belcher.

When I work with young people there's a lot of people experiencing gender dysmorphia, people who have recently come out, issues with family, class and race.

Angie Belcher, via BBC News droid

Oh, I thought you meant real trauma victims, Angie. People who've lost a limb or a loved one, or who've been diagnosed with a terminal condition. Not snowflakes.

It's a wonderful life, and no mistake.