Will this madness never end?

Bond, Jane Bond

A little brouhaha over a woke 007 rumbled on the 'net a while ago, as Daniel Craig is expected to pass the baton to a black woman.

Jeremy Hambly at TheQuartering has mentioned it a couple of times. But a year-old instalment, which popped up today thanks to YouTube's algorithm, got me thinking that naming the actors who've played Bond is like naming the actors who played The Magnificent Seven. Everyone forgets Brad Dexter and Horst Buchholz, and everyone forgets Timothy Dalton. Jeremy managed this feat, not once,* but twice!

Which is a pity, since The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill surpass all of the campy shit that old hack Roger Moore churned out. I'd even say that Dalton's two outings are among the best in the franchise.

Okay, here we go, and no peeking. In order of appearance: Sean Connery; George Lazenby; strictly speaking, Connery again; Roger Moore; Timothy Dalton; Pierce Brosnan; Daniel Craig.

Obviously, I've only considered the official, or canon, Bond series, which I think is what pretty much anyone does. So the several actors who played variations on Bond/007 in 1967's lamentable Casino Royale spoof, as well as Connery's final outing in Never Say Never Again, don't count.

* Incidentally, the timecode for this first clip is 0:07, totally by happenstance. How spooky is that? [Cue Twilight Zone theme]