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Chicken sausage rolls
29 December 2021
My youngest doesn't eat pig, so I make these sausage rolls for her. And everyone else, since my wife and eldest prefer them to pork. (more…)
Pizza the action
27 December 2021
Today the girls decided that they wanted pizzas for dinner. My eldest's favourite shop-bought pizza is Trattoria Alfredo's Deliziosa Salame, from Lidl. It costs CHF3.75, for three medium-sized (25cm diameter) pizzas; that's £1.01, $1.36 each! (more…)
Red wine and dementia
9 December 2021
According to Dr Will Mitchell, there are 3 ways to kill dementia. So it's strange that he's only offering one here. But I guess we all have to start somewhere. (more…)
It must be Thanksgiving
22 November 2021
To celebrate Thanksgiving, BBC Food asks me How much do you know about American food? And presents a handy-dandy little quiz, to check whether I'm lying or not. (more…)
18 November 2021
An all-you-can-eat buffet in Changsha, China, has banned a food live-streamer for eating all that he can eat. The owner of the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet stated that Mr Kang was losing him money every time he visited. (more…)
Tess Holliday's morning workout routine
31 October 2021
Gotta keep training! (more…)
Pickled nothing
29 August 2021
I've harvested so many chillis this year that I'm going to have to pickle some of them. I've never pickled anything in my life before now. Except, possibly, my brain and liver. (SMH) (more…)
Mushrooms are tasty
28 July 2021
Ina Garten (who?) is the Barefoot Contessa (who?). At least, I think she is. (more…)
24 July 2021
My eldest asked me why I don't eat McDonalds'. I told her that, other than it being shit, it's because I cannot abide Ronald McDonald. Which is true. (more…)
Is there a dietician in the house?
16 June 2021
A couple of idiots on YouTube, claiming to be dietician nutritionists, and spreading misinformation. Who knew? I couldn't watch the whole video, because their voices grated on my nerves. (more…)
Is there a doctor in the house?
10 June 2021
Ooooh, I've found another crackpot on YouTube. Aren't I lucky? (more…)
Asparagus: too exciting for lawyers
2 June 2021
Belgian lawyers discovered a six-step recipe for asparagus hidden within the French text of the nation's official journal, Moniteur Belge. (more…)
Gonna need more bread
22 April 2021
…a lot more bread! (more…)
Durian Durian
7 April 2021
I received a somewhat pedestrian unsolicited commercial email from Danielle Cwalinski today, advising me of the health benefits of ONE exotic fruit. And she doesn't mean Joe Exotic…BA-DA-BOOM-TSCH! (more…)
You are what you eat
25 October 2020
BBC Food asks: How can changing your food shop help biodiversity? (more…)
Silly sausage
21 October 2020
One of the, ahem, meatier subjects to be debated by the European Parliament this week is when is a sausage not a sausage? (more…)
It's finger cleanin' responsibly good
25 August 2020
KFC is temporarily shelving its finger lickin' good slogan, in light of the pandemic. (more…)
Ratatouille tgtnoise
23 August 2020
I tried the recipe for ratatouille Niçoise that was published on BBC Food and, while it was okay, it wasn't good enough. Perhaps that was related to some of the changes that I made to the published recipe, but I'm not convinced that that explains all of the deficits from my expectations—and therein lies the rub, my expectations. (more…)
Today I learned...
13 August 2020
…not to trust anything you see on the silver screen. Again. (more…)
Eat your heart out
3 August 2020
One of the criticisms that's been raised against the UK Chancellor's August Eat Out To Help Out initiative is that it extends to junk food outlets. (more…)
It's a gas
16 July 2020
We all recognise the dangers of global warming and climate change. Or, at least, those of us who're not Donald Trump. (more…)
Cereal killer
21 June 2017
In an effort to improve children's health, by fostering healthier eating, public health officials in Liverpool have named-and-shamed breakfast cereals with high sugar content. Among the shockers is the revelation that Kellogg's Frosties has the highest sugar load of all. Is this really news? Come on, you can see the bloody sugar on the flakes, it's part of the attraction if you're a kid! (more…)
The Bear necessities
11 June 2017
Babe and alleged actress, Alicia Silverstone, explains that her decision to raise her son, Bear Blu, on a vegan diet was, like herself: such a no-brainer. (more…)
Nuclear doughnuts
4 October 2015
While on holiday in Portugal, my daughters have become accustomed, if not addicted, to Panrico Donuts [sic]. These things seem to have a shelf-life measured in millennia. And that's without refrigeration. God knows what's in them, but they must be packed to the gunnels with preservatives. (more…)
Doner card
27 October 2013
Kadir Nurman, a Turkish migrant to Germany who was credited with inventing the doner kebab, has died at the age of 80. Although grilled meat carved from a skewer was already popular in Turkey, Nurman added salad and served it in a flat bread; and thus was born a staple of fast-paced life in West Berlin, and drunken pub chuck-out time the length-and-breadth of England. (more…)
Apples 'n' Pears
15 July 2010
The Bonkers Institute has concluded, from a survey of fat ladies, that those who deposit their chocolate rations on their hips are more likely to have bad memories than those with wobbly bellies. (more…)
I'd like a 'P' please, Bob
20 April 2005
Strangely, I was looking for ways to make yummy processed peas, like tinned marrowfat peas, because we can't get them easily in Switzerland. Anyhow, I happened across guidance from the Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Health Organisation on processed pea standards. I kid you not. (more…)
Vegetarianism as the moral high ground
22 November 2004
This, on the IMDb boards, made me realise that there's more to vegetarianism than not wanting to eat something that had a face. (more…)