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13 January 2022
Reading of the death of Ronnie Spector, I was expecting her ex-husband's criminal conviction to be dragged up. Not that it needed to be included in her obituary; after all, it had nothing to do with her. The couple had divorced three decades prior to Lana Clarkson's murder. (more…)
Altered images
11 January 2022
In an advertorial for Apple TV+'s The Tragedy of Macbeth, on behalf of BBC Culture, Hanna Flint explores Why Lady Macbeth is literature's most misunderstood villain. Meanwhile, for their part, the BBC's homepage editor has decided that they don't understand the question. (more…)
Sally Ann Howes: no longer banging
22 December 2021
On the death of Sally Ann Howes, star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, her son, the artist Andrew Hart Adler announced her loss on his Instagram account: (more…)
Sue-TS, you sir!
11 December 2021
Just to show that you can't keep a good copyright troll down, Sean Hall and Nathan Butler appealed against an earlier ruling that Taylor Swift had not plagiarised their work in the lyrics to Shake It Off, and that ruling has been overturned. The same judge who earlier dismissed the case, on the basis that the contentious phrases were too banal to be copyrightable, now states that there are significant similarities in word usage and sequence/structure. (more…)
Just rephrase the question
10 December 2021
Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of lying to police, when he claimed to be the victim of a racist and homophobic assault in Chicago, almost three years ago. (more…)
Ageing disgracefully
6 December 2021
At 63, Madonna is keen to show the world that she still has it. Whatever it is, and whether or not the world wants to know. (more…)
I'm a nonentity...get me some publicity!
25 November 2021
British TV host and journalist, Richard Madeley, fell ill on the set of reality TV programme, I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! It certainly did get him out of there, his hospitalisation meant that he'd broken the set's COVID bubble, and it was therefore a one-way trip. (more…)
Bog off!
16 November 2021
In an interview with Mark Savage for the BBC, Sir Rod Stewart admits that he tired of performing Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? (more…)
Tess Holliday's morning workout routine
31 October 2021
Gotta keep training! (more…)
Saving lives: one fat, brown, gay kiss at a time
27 October 2021
According to hyperbolic tosspots at the premiere of Eternals, the representation of fat, non-white, and gay superheroes is affirming and will save lives. (more…)
A rose is a Rose is a liar
21 October 2021
Only half a year ago, Ruby Rose said that she would be willing to return to Batwoman, as Kate Kane, if the opportunity arose. It didn't. (more…)
Funny, not funny
16 October 2021
Outrage has erupted over Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special, The Closer, as he took aim at the alphabet soupers—particularly the T—and the preferred pronoun poseurs. Verily, the dudgeon, it was high; and the salt, it flowed freely and in abundance. You cannot make fun of the trans, it seems. (more…)
Spaced out
16 October 2021
Following William Shatner's journey into space aboard Jeff Bezos' giant rocket-powered dildo, George Takei spat a little venom in his direction. Shatner wasn't taking it lying down, though. Instead, he tweeted a mighty clap-back. (more…)
5 October 2021
Zoë Kravitz will play the role of Catwoman in Warner Bros' upcoming The Batman, against Robert Pattinson as the titular character. Asked whether she'd seen all the other Batman films, Kravitz had this to say: (more…)
The type of R. Kelly (part 2)*
28 September 2021
The jury's returned, and R. Kelly's goin' down! (more…)
Rapper's denial
16 September 2021
One of the joys of instant-access social media is that it offers celebrities the opportunity to show the world how moronic they are. In this case, Nicki Minaj declaring on Twitter that the friend of a cousin in Trinidad became impotent after receiving the Chongvirus vaccine. His testicles became swollen. (more…)
Pegged out
14 September 2021
Model Cara Delevingne took a similar red-slogan-on-white-outfit approach, with a bullet-proof vest designed by Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri displaying the words peg the patriarchy. (more…)
Shrinking violet
14 September 2021
The Met Gala—an annual event for the self-important to gather, in ridiculous attire, to general ambivalence from the rest of the world—returned to New York this year, after last year's gala was cancelled due to the pandemic. (more…)
Sean Lock: no laughing matter
18 August 2021
On the tragically early death of Sean Lock, I'm reminded of one of my favourite jokes ever. (more…)
Schedule of good fortune
12 August 2021
The rats are deserting the sinking ship. (more…)
Whining widow
20 June 2021
Scarlett Johansson has criticised the hyper-sexualisation of Black Widow in her debut film, Iron Man 2. I don't recall whether she criticised it, or the paycheque, at the time. (thinking) (more…)
Moaning Muslim
11 June 2021
British actor Riz Ahmed wants an end to toxic Muslim characters…on screen. (more…)
You can die, but you can't hide
2 June 2021
Writing for BBC Culture about the Tea Chest Tapes, a collection of lost music tapes belonging to the late British producer Joe Meek, Arwa Haider reflects on Meek's life and work. (more…)
Panderin' in Mandarin
1 June 2021
John Cena has apologised to China for referring to Taiwan as a country, while promoting the latest in the Fast and the Furious franchise, F9: The Fast Saga, which led to the film tanking at the Chinese box office. He even grabbed his ankles, and issued his apology in Mandarin Chinese. What a guy. (more…)
Tree Story
23 March 2021
We are reminded, or informed, for those of us who were blissfully unaware until now, that Keiynan Lonsdale—an actor best known as someone that I'd never heard of before—self-identifies as a tree…FFS, even my sense of humour isn't so perverse as to make this shit up! Lonsdale unironically prefers tree/treeself pronouns, rather than he/him. And the male population breathes a hearty sigh of relief. (more…)
Breaking the rules
2 March 2021
As I mentioned long ago, it's thanks to my perfectly-fitted tinfoil hat that I'm not part of the social network. I don't do F*c*book; Twitter; Instagram, or any of that other stuff. At one point, I did have a hardly-used, one careful owner YouTube account, but I bailed out when Google did a Monica Lewinsky, and came a'gobblin'. (more…)
Let sleeping Cranes lie
25 February 2021
Oh dear. The lack of creativity in TV production is further accentuated when Frasier returns after an almost twenty-year hiatus. Kelsey Grammar confirmed the revival, saying I gleefully anticipate sharing the next chapter in the continuing journey of Dr Frasier Crane. (more…)
One bad deed
18 January 2021
He was one of the most influential pop songwriters and producers of his, or any, generation; he invented the wall of sound; and he worked with some of the most iconic artists in pop music history. He was also convicted of second degree murder. (more…)
Marion Ramsey: finally graduated
9 January 2021
Actress Marion Ramsey has died, aged 73. In its summary of her career, the BBC not only notes that she appeared in six of the Police Academy films, as if that was something to extol, but actually headlines the article with it: (more…)
You can't keep a good man down
4 September 2020
Four years after his death was announced, on 1 September 2016, Gene Wilder is enjoying a revival. The article announcing his passing is trending on BBC News. (more…)
I'll make my own mind up, as long as it's alright with you
8 July 2020
As a supporter of the freedom of speech, the recent cancel culture phenomenon repulses me. So I was heartened to read of a letter published in Harper's Magazine, signed by around 150 writers, academics, and activists, condemning cancel culture and the stifling of debate. (more…)
Miserable pleaders
13 May 2019
Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty to having her daughter's college entrance exam results falsified. (more…)
Buddy, can you spare a dime?
27 March 2019
As if Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman's problems over the money-for-university-entrance scandal weren't enough, some money-grabbing pond life a concerned mother is suing them for her son not being accepted to university. (more…)
Less influential
15 March 2019
In the wake of the US university admissions bribery scandal, and following her flippant comments on attending university, influencer Olivia Jade Giannulli, Lori Laughlin's youngest daughter, is now a little less influential. (more…)
WASP: wealthy, Anglo-Saxon, pinhead
13 March 2019
As the money-for-university-places scandal gathers momentum, an affidavit filed by an FBI Special Agent states: (more…)
Leaving Neverland
10 March 2019
In the wake of Leaving Neverland, a documentary describing, in depth, Michael Jackson's alleged paedophilia, the BBC's Cherry Wilson asks whether the late performer's legacy is now ruined. Personally, I think that happened while he was still alive. Off The Wall and Thriller are undisputedly classics that defined an era. Bad wasn't so much bad as meh!, and it was the last of his work that I bought. Everything after that was a downward spiral. (more…)
Playrz play'n, h8rz h8'n
15 February 2018
Taylor Swift has won her judgement in a copyright case over the lyrics to Shake It Off. Sean Hall and Nathan Butler argued that players gonna play and haters gonna hate borrowed from their own Playas Gon' Play. But Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald deemed the phrases too banal to be copyrightable. (more…)
How long is "long"?
30 September 2017
If you're Hugh Hefner, and you're referring to your future with your new bride, it would be less than five years. (more…)
My heart lies bleeding
17 August 2017
Hollywood actresses have complained about the gender pay gap. Most recently, in the period June 2016 to June 2017, Emma Stone earned a paltry $20m while, over the same period the year before, Dwayne Johnson pulled in $50m. Excuse me? (more…)
The Bear necessities
11 June 2017
Babe and alleged actress, Alicia Silverstone, explains that her decision to raise her son, Bear Blu, on a vegan diet was, like herself: such a no-brainer. (more…)
5 June 2017
Having made and lost several fortunes, singer Kenny Rogers has this advice to entrepreneurs: pay your taxes, put 20% away, and then have some fun. And you can't say fairer than that! (more…)
Clint Eastwood's latest starring role
25 June 2013
BBC News Magazine illustrates an article on travelling without passports, with a still image from Clint's current film shoot. In it, he stars as a customs and immigration officer pushed over the edge, after his passport scanner malfunctions. (more…)
You can't keep an old man down for long
5 January 2013
After she called it off, it's back on, and 86-year-old Hugh Hefner's bride-to-be is now officially his carer-to-be. (more…)
Twitter: is this the end of the road?
2 August 2012
The BBC reports that Helen Skelton has closed her Twitter account, because she cannot cope with negative comments. How many will follow her and abandon the sinking ship? (more…)
Hugh Hefner, sweet boy
27 December 2010
Hugh Hefner, that old romantic, proposed to the current love of his life on Christmas Day. Hefner, only 84 years young, has been taken out of circulation, ladies, by that hussy Crystal Harris, a mere 60 years his junior. Obviously, she's smitten by his boyish good looks, but I can't imagine what he sees in her! (more…)
Stuart Cable, 'im gorn
7 June 2010
Stuart who? Drummer with Stereophonics and doin' lots of other stuff, that's who, is dead at 40 of no suspicious circumstances. Is that a euphemism for drugs? (more…)
Hugh Grant's 'retirement'
12 November 2004
Hugh Grant apparently threw a strop at the opening of the new Bridget Jones film, and said that it would be his last as he hated the whole industry now…I paraphrase somewhat. (more…)