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13 January 2022
Reading of the death of Ronnie Spector, I was expecting her ex-husband's criminal conviction to be dragged up. Not that it needed to be included in her obituary; after all, it had nothing to do with her. The couple had divorced three decades prior to Lana Clarkson's murder. (more…)
The (international) shipping forecast
11 January 2022
It never ceases to amaze me: the parochiality of merkans when it comes to international shipping charges. I guess that it doesn't matter if it's outside the fifty states of the union. (more…)
The great escape
7 January 2022
The BBC might like to consider pulling their homepage text from the same source as their article headlines. That way, they would only have to correct any errors once. Of course, BBC editorial competence being what it is, the downside is that they could have the same error twice. (more…)
Frohes Neues Jahr!
2 January 2022
While those lovable French set cars alight, the Germans take an altogether more sedate approach to welcoming in the new year. I have it on good authority that they like nothing more than throwing fireworks at each other in the street. Consequently, news that there has only been one death in Germany seems like a stroke of good fortune; except to the victim's family, that is. (more…)
Burma or bust
21 December 2021
We learn, courtesy of the world's most trusted international news broadcaster™, that Myanmar is also called Burma. Except Myanmar hasn't officially been called Burma since it was renamed on 18 June 1989. (more…)
Leper colony
12 December 2021
In the current dinky butthurt climate, is it no longer acceptable to refer to leprosy sufferers as lepers, and a colony of them as a leper colony? Or is this just the BBC's usual low-intellect shenanigans? (thinking) (more…)
When correct is incorrect
10 December 2021
BBC Bitesize is a series of purportedly educational learning materials and quizzes for children. Or is it? Educational, that is. (more…)
7 December 2021
Shilling hard for Destination Toronto/TCVA, Lindsey Galloway tells us why Toronto is The Canadian city to visit this winter. (more…)
That's a turnip for the books!
1 December 2021
BBC News' Maddy Savage explains how Magdalena Andersson became Sweden's first female Prime Minister, twice! Except she didn't, really. (more…)
The ol' one-two
1 December 2021
Okay, so I promised to never again question the BBC's disdain for national adjectives, and I think that I've been pretty good of late. That's not to say the BBC's editorial staff haven't transgressed, they have. But I've been the bigger person, looked the other way, and moved on. (more…)
My learned works?
24 November 2021
I have absolutely no idea why Journal of Corona Virus [sic] has contacted me for my helpful contribution. They may have read my learned works in the field, but I think it's unlikely. (more…)
Social media (bath) bombing
23 November 2021
Lush, producer of overpriced and overhyped cosmetics and personal care products, has announced that it will deactivate some of its social media accounts, until platforms take steps to provide a safer environment for users. The platforms of concern are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. (fist) (geddit?) (more…)
Guardians of the future
28 October 2021
At IMDb, they love themselves a little future-gazing. Here we are, in current year 2021, and they're asking what was—past tense—the title of 2023's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in Hindi. I'll submit my answer to the question in two years' time. (more…)
27 October 2021
While looking up the possessive form of James, I came across this example at GrammarHow. (more…)
Describe in detail
27 October 2021
Huma Abedin, a former aide to Hilary Clinton, has a book being published next week in which she details sex assault by US senator. Except, she doesn't, really. (more…)
Symbolic stupidity
16 October 2021
Perhaps it's a slow news day. Or perhaps someone, somewhere feels the need to tap into the zeitgeist. Thames Valley Police have reassured motorists that diversionary road signs at Junction 5 on the M4 will not take them to Squid Game. (rolleyes) (more…)
From India with love?
4 October 2021
Daizy Priscilla contacted me, inviting me to submit my blahblah to her yadayada. None of it stood out of the ordinary, except she's another lowlife at the gutter publishing house that is Remedy Publications LLC. Daizy must be besties with Alyssa, who works out of the same office address. (more…)
1 October 2021
According to the BBC's homepage headline, DNA evidence has revealed a French ex-police officer to be a rapist and murderer. Except, according to the actual article: (more…)
Measure for measure
21 September 2021
According to the instructions, 850 mL is equivalent to 1½ pints, and 425 mL is approximately ¾ pint. (more…)
Corners of a round thing
23 August 2021
In 13 juicy facts about mangoes, BBC Radio 4 refers to all corners of the globe. (more…)
Apostrophe apathy
10 August 2021
My strive to be a better person, and not nit-pick the BBC's grammatical sloppiness did not formally extend to punctuation and the possessive form. Nevertheless, I'll refrain from comment. (more…)
Take me home, racist roads
10 August 2021
Tucked into US President Joe Biden's expansive infrastructure bill is a plan to knock down racist roads - but its success is an open question. (more…)
Reporting reporting
9 August 2021
A story of rats deserting New York state's Governor Andrew Cuomo's sinking ship gives the BBC the opportunity for a little editorial sloppiness. (more…)
Trigger happy
11 July 2021
In what can only have been a moment of overzealousness, attackers stormed the domestic home of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moïse, and immediately assassinated him. (more…)
Sullied deals
10 July 2021
I feel bad for nit-picking over an issue as serious as Indian muslim women being harassed on social media by bigoted trolls, for their religion and gender. But I'm going to do it anyway. (more…)
A hard habit to brake
17 June 2021
Prosecutors say the emergency break, which could have prevented the accident, had been intentionally disabled. (more…)
Is there a doctor in the house?
10 June 2021
Ooooh, I've found another crackpot on YouTube. Aren't I lucky? (more…)
I give up!
26 May 2021
The BBC's journalists and editors really do not like adjectives. Picking apart their linguistic shortcomings is like painting the Forth Bridge; an unending and thankless task. It doesn't achieve anything and, after a while, I'm starting to sound like a broken record, irritating and boring. (more…)
The colour of law
26 May 2021
Police in Illinois confiscated an urn containing the ashes of two-year-old Ta'Naja Barnes—or Davis, I'm not sure which—after pulling her father over for traffic offences. They claimed that the urn tested postive in a field test for meth. (more…)
Runners 'n' riders
23 May 2021
After twenty-one runners died as a result of extreme weather during an ultramarathon in north-west China, the BBC once again demonstrates its poor grasp of the English language. (more…)
Don't learn Scrivener
21 May 2021
The title says Learn Scrivener in 20 minutes. The video is 18:21. (more…)
See no evil
20 May 2021
They've been hailed as virus success stories - places that have seen virtually zero or single-digit Covid cases since the start of the year. (more…)
The speed of film
4 March 2021
How fast is a film? I'm sure that's a question you've never thought of before. And neither had I until today, when I read, courtesy of the BBC, of Demon Slayer, an anime that: (more…)
Why is 'petty' not pronounced like 'pretty' without an 'r'?
27 September 2020
It's time to score petty points on the internet at the BBC's expense! Are you ready? Then let's go! (more…)
Missiles, target,...?
23 August 2020
After initially denying its involvement, Iran has admitted downing a Boeing 737 belonging to Ukraine International Airlines in January. (more…)
Random whinge
20 February 2019
Because it's not really a rant. (more…)
Every life counts, but some more than others
2 March 2017
Opposition to the reintroduction of the death penalty in the Philippines is exemplified by, among other things, this cute little graphic. (more…)
Seeing double
21 September 2016
Another day, another black man killed by US police. It's so every day that it doesn't bear comment. But I am angry at the abuse of the English language by a woman claiming to be Keith Lamont Scott's sister: He didn't have no gun, and He wasn't messing with nobody. (more…)
No shit, Sherlock: We got braynz
29 August 2012
According to the BBC, after his assassination Leon Trotsky's brain proved unusually heavy. (more…)