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21 December 2021
Pupils aged eight and nine years at Watkins Elementary School, Washington DC, were allegedly forced to re-enact events from the Holocaust, including shootings and digging mass graves. One child was given the role of Adolf Hitler to play, which presumably saved them having to act out any hard labour, although they did have to commit suicide at the end; re-anacted, I hasten to add. (more…)
The wheelchair heist
1 December 2021
A 61-year-old shoplifter was shot dead by a police officer in Tuscon on Monday. Like his weapon, Officer Ryan Remington has been fired. (more…)
23 November 2021
A different approach to driving sales comes from Uber Eats, Canada. (more…)
Not fast enough
24 October 2021
On the shooting death of Ecuadorian sprinter, Alex Quiñónez, outside a shopping centre in Guayaquil, BBC News notes that This is the second killing of an international athlete this month. Just over a week ago, Agnes Tirop was stabbed to death in Kenya. (more…)
A Windows on the future
5 October 2021
Tomorrow sees the rollout of Windows 11, as a free upgrade, to the great unwashed. That's those of us who're too apathetic, or wrapped up in having a real life, to have installed the previews. (more…)
When Supreme Leader says 'jump'...
3 September 2021
It must be easy to be a dictator. All you have to do is tell your minions what to do, and they'll do it. Job done! (more…)
Wish upon a star
30 June 2021
News that two collisions between a neutron star and a black hole have been recorded within ten days of each other, is accompanied by an artist's impression of what such an event might look like. (more…)
Black queen
5 June 2021
It appears that not everyone may be enthusiastic for historical revisionism. Channel 5's Anne Boleyn, a reimagining of historical events leading to the execution of England's first black queen, has not been an undisputed ratings success. (more…)
Bad noose
22 May 2021
Construction on an Amazon warehouse in Windsor, Connecticut, has been shut down after seven nooses were found on the site in the last month. (more…)
Privates on parade
20 May 2021
Yet another German terrorist plot. And, once again, under German privacy rules the suspect's surname cannot be revealed. In this case, the suspect is a military officer who's only named by the BBC as Lt Franco A. (more…)
Crocktain America
25 April 2021
As Disney's production output increases to fulfil its streaming needs, its subsidiary divisions are collaborating more and more to satisfy the programming demand. They're achieving this, in part, by introducing already-established characters to other franchises. (more…)
One of our civil servants is missing!
22 April 2021
A civil servant who was employed at the Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro, Italy, has been accused of absenteeism since he started working—or not working—at a new position there in 2005. He hasn't attended work at all for fifteen years. (more…)
The call of the wild
16 April 2021
The citizens of Kraków, Poland, can sleep peacefully in their beds once again. (more…)
Roger Moore's eyebrow
5 October 2020
Misleading post title? Why, of course! But this does have a connection with eyebrows. (more…)
You really couldn't make this up. But someone actually did!
15 July 2020
I love a good conspiracy theory, they affirm my cynicism towards secrecy and often big government, but the best ones have a ring of truth about them. Which is more than can be said of the Wayfair child trafficking conspiracy theory. (more…)
Let's hear it for Colonel Marvel!
8 March 2019
In preparation for the upcoming kinematographic release of Captain Marvel, the BBC offers a handy-dandy, need-to-know guide of Marvel Studio's latest screen superhero(ine) for the casual viewer. (more…)
Hawking to appear at Glastonbury
13 May 2015
Prof. Stephen Hawking is to appear at this year's Glastonbury festival, as the result of a booking error. They thought they were getting Hawkwind. (more…)
Silent running
26 June 2013
Drayson Racing Technologies has broken the world land speed record for a lightweight electric vehicle, with the Lola B12 69/EV. The car recorded a top speed of 328.6km/h (204.2mph) at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire. I think that it is quite pretty, in a my-wife-would-never-approve kind of way, although the range (as far as the extension cable) and luggage capacity (none) might be problematic. (more…)
Clint Eastwood's latest starring role
25 June 2013
BBC News Magazine illustrates an article on travelling without passports, with a still image from Clint's current film shoot. In it, he stars as a customs and immigration officer pushed over the edge, after his passport scanner malfunctions. (more…)
Mars attacks!
21 June 2013
In 2009, the UK Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk because, according to newly released files, it served no defence purpose and was taking staff away from more valuable defence-related activities. (more…)
Mi braynz num
29 August 2012
It appears that habitual cannabis use, particularly from adolescence, can result in a permanent reduction in IQ. (more…)
Barclays' boss to resign!
29 June 2012
At the moment, Barclays' CEO Bob Diamond is saying that he won't resign over the lending rate fixing scandal. But we all know that when someone in this position says they won't resign, that's exactly what they do…quietly…two weeks later. (more…)
Fred Morrison, pretender to Xena's crown
13 February 2010
Fred Morrison, self-styled inventor of the Frisbee, has died aged 90. He claimed to have invented the flying toy disc while playing with a tin lid with his girlfriend. (more…)