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Standing in the shadows
16 January 2022
Todd in the Shadows is a popular music critic. His chart retrospectives are based on the Billboard Hot 100 year-end lists, but most of the entries are familiar to me, even from my childhood growing up in England. (more…)
Bombing under the radar
10 January 2022
Personally, I prefer the second version of the poster, it's cleaner and more stylish, although that film won't be released to theatres for another five days. Nevertheless, it does earn this post an extra tag, because Penélope Cruz isn't Colombian and Lupita Nyong'o isn't British. Lanes are, after all, lanes; anything else is tantamount to pretending…b-b-but they're not white, so lanes don't count…hmmm…(thinking) (more…)
Sally Ann Howes: no longer banging
22 December 2021
On the death of Sally Ann Howes, star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, her son, the artist Andrew Hart Adler announced her loss on his Instagram account: (more…)
RT: all is not what it seems
17 December 2021
There seems to be some confusion, at least among commentators on social media, as to what the Rotten Tomatoes audience score means. Take, for instance, YellowFlash discussing the 99% score for Spider-Man: No Way Home. (more…)
Gagging order
17 December 2021
Russia's authorities like to throw their weight around. One of the ways that they do this, on the internet, is by demanding the removal of social media content that they deem to be illegal. Their definition of illegal, though, extends to content that is simply critical of them, or supportive of the opposition. Who could've possibly guessed? (thinking) (more…)
Ageing disgracefully
6 December 2021
At 63, Madonna is keen to show the world that she still has it. Whatever it is, and whether or not the world wants to know. (more…)
Too soon to hope
2 December 2021
Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, is stepping down. Or should that be stepping up, since he's leaving the gutter? (more…)
Social media (bath) bombing
23 November 2021
Lush, producer of overpriced and overhyped cosmetics and personal care products, has announced that it will deactivate some of its social media accounts, until platforms take steps to provide a safer environment for users. The platforms of concern are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. (fist) (geddit?) (more…)
Privacy is very important to F*c*book
19 November 2021
F*c*book has admonished the LAPD for breaching its T&C, by establishing fake profiles to surveil users suspected of criminal activity. (more…)
18 November 2021
An all-you-can-eat buffet in Changsha, China, has banned a food live-streamer for eating all that he can eat. The owner of the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet stated that Mr Kang was losing him money every time he visited. (more…)
Fighter talk
11 November 2021
YouTube channel Military TV posted a completely pointless and contentious list, of The 10 Deadliest Planes of WWII. They confuse things somewhat, by adding WW 2 Fighter Planes to the end of the video's title, but we'll come back to that later. (more…)
Hello hardly anyone
4 October 2021
F*c*book and its subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram, have been hit by a severe, global outage. In response, Twitter tweeted, in fun: (more…)
Persona grating
29 September 2021
Just another of those sticking it here for my amusement posts. (more…)
20 September 2021
I could be wrong, but British incorporated companies don't use the Inc designation, they're usually plc or Ltd. But Simona Susan might not know that, because her email address (simona.su@3sgruopcn.com) suggests that she's in China, not London. (more…)
Dial 'M' for monotonous
26 August 2021
YouTube's random algorithm has thrown up the promotional video for M's Pop Music at me, several times in the last couple of weeks. I really didn't like that song back in 1979, and the forty-odd intervening years have done nothing to improve my opinion of it. (more…)
Comics for dummies
24 August 2021
Richard Meyer is an independent comic book writer, or artist, or both. Something like that. He has a YouTube channel in which he talks about comics. I don't know why YouTube throws this shit up at me, but it does. (more…)
To chirp, or not to Chirp
17 August 2021
A recent interface redesign has left Twitter users complaining of headaches and discomfort. The illegibility of a newly-designed typeface, Chirp, hasn't helped those with impaired vision. (more…)
Iron Giant is bestester
6 August 2021
Internet dweebs have mocked the BBC, after a tweet by BBC Sport from the Tokyo Olympics confused a Gundam statue with a Transformer. (more…)
Sore losers
3 August 2021
It appears that Weibo's nationalist shitheads don't take kindly to China's Olympic athletes unpatriotically losing out on gold. From behind their keyboards and keypads, they fulminate and humiliate their fellow countrymen and -women for failing at something that they could never achieve themselves. And the athletes, like dumfux, accept it. (more…)
Mushrooms are tasty
28 July 2021
Ina Garten (who?) is the Barefoot Contessa (who?). At least, I think she is. (more…)
Can I have a 'please, no more emojis' emoji?
25 July 2021
It appears that the BBC considers the creation of emojis to be of such importance that they assigned not one, but two of their crack business reporters to the task of writing an article on emojis that don't exist. Yet. (more…)
Virtual schmoozing
23 July 2021
Mark Zuckerberg has announced his vision for Facebook to transition to a metaverse company. (more…)
Man at the top
12 July 2021
Interviewed by Amol Rajan on behalf of the BBC, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company, Alphabet, claims that the free and open internet is under attack. (more…)
Is there a dietician in the house?
16 June 2021
A couple of idiots on YouTube, claiming to be dietician nutritionists, and spreading misinformation. Who knew? I couldn't watch the whole video, because their voices grated on my nerves. (more…)
Is there a doctor in the house?
10 June 2021
Ooooh, I've found another crackpot on YouTube. Aren't I lucky? (more…)
My mum's newspaper, as an audiobook
27 May 2021
YouTube's algorithm is broken. Again. Or possibly it's because I can't set preferences, since I'm not signed into an account that I don't have. Whatever, the borg keeps bringing up The Podcast Of The Lotus Eaters and, worse, Alex Bellend Belfield, the self-styled voices in his head voice of reason in my recommended videos. For the love of the children, why? (more…)
8 April 2021
That irrepressible bonehead, Jeremy Hambly at TheQuartering, unfavourably compares the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife with the original Ghostbusters (1984). He notes that the ghosts aren't scary, unlike those in the original, which he describes as a horror film: (more…)
Justice is served!
17 March 2021
Zac Snyder's version of Justice League is finally upon us, with most critics agreeing that it's an improvement on the 2017 original, at least according to those reviews cited by the BBC. The original was infamously fucked up, sorry, reimagined by Jos Whedon, when he took over the production after Snyder's departure following a family tragedy. I have watched that version, described by one anonymous Warner Bros. executive as a piece of shit. It was…okay, but let down by a muddled plot and an anticlimactic antagonist. (more…)
Breaking the rules
2 March 2021
As I mentioned long ago, it's thanks to my perfectly-fitted tinfoil hat that I'm not part of the social network. I don't do F*c*book; Twitter; Instagram, or any of that other stuff. At one point, I did have a hardly-used, one careful owner YouTube account, but I bailed out when Google did a Monica Lewinsky, and came a'gobblin'. (more…)
'I' for information, not intelligent
9 February 2021
As more of our lives go online, companies and governments are turning to automated methods to keep things in check—face recognition, profiling, personal data acquisition; all very Orwellian. I don't know what's more worrying, the consequences of it working, or the consequences when it doesn't work as expected or intended. (more…)
What a fool believes
2 August 2020
Elon Musk, a man who believes in life out there (points at the stars), may have embarrassed himself on Twitter by tweeting that Aliens built the pyramids obv. Egypt's Minister of International Co-operation, Rania al-Mashat, and Egyptian archeologist Zahi Hawass have refuted his statement—but they would, wouldn't they?—although I thought that al-Mashat's response was unnecessarily deferential to the space cadet. (more…)
25 July 2020
Memes. You either understand them, or you don't. And, for a time, for those that didn't, there was Behind The Meme, a YouTube channel demystifying memes for the uninitiated. The channel's still there, it just hasn't been updated in a long while. (more…)
Q: When is an SJW not an SJW?
25 July 2020
A: When they're virtual signalling. (more…)
Closing the gender gap
16 July 2020
Another day, another hashtag movement. And this one concerns US police brutality. Just for a change. (more…)
Yanking chains
17 June 2020
I seem to have fallen into a pit of irrelevance on YouTube. (more…)
11 May 2020
Social media influencers. Some people love 'em; others think that they're pointless, vacuous droids that do nothing creative and add nothing of value. I know on which side of the divide I stand. (more…)
Lies, damned lies, and the other one
29 August 2013
An article on Adrants, pithily entitled This is How Facebook is Going to Die, claims that Facebook's demise will result as teenagers flock to other social networks to avoid their parents. In support of his hypothesis, Steve Hall states: (more…)
Twitter: is this the end of the road?
2 August 2012
The BBC reports that Helen Skelton has closed her Twitter account, because she cannot cope with negative comments. How many will follow her and abandon the sinking ship? (more…)
1 March 2009
I received an invite from someone who I'd briefly exchanged emails with about two years ago, asking me to be their friend on Facebook. And all I'd have to do is join first. (more…)