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I'm sarcastic, therefore I'm brainy
12 January 2022
According to David Robson, writing for BBC Family Tree, a teenager's sarcasm reflects their intellect. Fortunately for me, my sarcastic teen, Emily, doesn't read the BBC. (more…)
Altered images
11 January 2022
In an advertorial for Apple TV+'s The Tragedy of Macbeth, on behalf of BBC Culture, Hanna Flint explores Why Lady Macbeth is literature's most misunderstood villain. Meanwhile, for their part, the BBC's homepage editor has decided that they don't understand the question. (more…)
Sally Ann Howes: no longer banging
22 December 2021
On the death of Sally Ann Howes, star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, her son, the artist Andrew Hart Adler announced her loss on his Instagram account: (more…)
The Matrix Resuscitated
22 December 2021
In his three-star review of The Matrix Resurrections, Nicholas Barber dams the trilogy's fourth instalment with the faintest praise. (more…)
'Tis the season to...recycle old fluff pieces
18 December 2021
How could anyone consider Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and not Klaus, in a current shortlist of Chrimbletide animations? (confused) (more…)
17 December 2021
I've just backed my second Indiegogo comic campaign. And it's from yet another bête noir of the mainstream comics pros. This time it's Richard Meyer. (more…)
16 December 2021
UK theatres are warning that cancellations to pantomime shows, in the wake of Chongvirus Omicron, threaten their finances. No shit, who'd've thunk it? (thinking) (more…)
15 December 2021
Disney is to remake Zorro. Again. This time as a TV series. Again. Verily, there's a torrent of creativity gushing forth from the House of Mouse. (rolleyes) (more…)
'X' for Latina
13 December 2021
For some inexplicable reason, there's a remake of West Side Story, for anyone who considers the 1961 classic to be somehow inadequate. I wasn't aware that this was something that the world had been clamouring for. Neither were cinema audiences, it seems, who stayed away in droves when it debuted last weekend: Steven Spielberg's effort hasn't performed sensationally at the box office. (more…)
Sue-TS, you sir!
11 December 2021
Just to show that you can't keep a good copyright troll down, Sean Hall and Nathan Butler appealed against an earlier ruling that Taylor Swift had not plagiarised their work in the lyrics to Shake It Off, and that ruling has been overturned. The same judge who earlier dismissed the case, on the basis that the contentious phrases were too banal to be copyrightable, now states that there are significant similarities in word usage and sequence/structure. (more…)
I'm a nonentity...get me some publicity!
25 November 2021
British TV host and journalist, Richard Madeley, fell ill on the set of reality TV programme, I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! It certainly did get him out of there, his hospitalisation meant that he'd broken the set's COVID bubble, and it was therefore a one-way trip. (more…)
All of you
24 November 2021
Writing for BBC Worklife, Bryan Lufkin informs us as to Why more people are saying 'y'all'. For those of you who didn't know that they were, apparently they are. So there's something new that you've learned, and we've barely started! (more…)
It must be Thanksgiving
22 November 2021
To celebrate Thanksgiving, BBC Food asks me How much do you know about American food? And presents a handy-dandy little quiz, to check whether I'm lying or not. (more…)
Butt, officers...
10 November 2021
After Darrell Meekcom mooned a speed camera in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, he was surprised to be arrested, and wrestled to the ground, by no less than six police officers. Meekom suffers from a plethora of disabling diseases, and uses a wheelchair. Most people would think that a single officer, or two since they like to go about in pairs, could've done the job well enough. (more…)
Imagine all the staffers
Restricting what you do*
1 November 2021
It's kinda touching, the naïvety in the create-space. (more…)
The write man for the job?
16 October 2021
It seems that, besides the purple prose, Tom King is also a douchebag. (more…)
5 October 2021
Asked by DC for his take on his new upcoming comic, The Human Target, author Tom King responded: (more…)
24 September 2021
Since backing Trent Kaniuga's CreeD RE:Imaginary, I found Billy Tucci and Maria Sanopo's Miss Fury: Joy Division. What are the odds? It's only $30. So, I thought, why not? (more…)
Comic timing
13 September 2021
I haven't bought or read a Marvel or DC comic since I was a kid, back in the '70s. I've neither had, nor shown, any real interest in comics for decades. So I don't understand why YouTube's algorithm should keep throwing up channels on the subject. And I don't understand why I click on the thumnails. Hey ho. (more…)
Comics for dummies
24 August 2021
Richard Meyer is an independent comic book writer, or artist, or both. Something like that. He has a YouTube channel in which he talks about comics. I don't know why YouTube throws this shit up at me, but it does. (more…)
3 August 2021
Sarah Brand's Red Dress is…a song. Of sorts. The accompanying video is…a thing. (more…)
24 July 2021
My eldest asked me why I don't eat McDonalds'. I told her that, other than it being shit, it's because I cannot abide Ronald McDonald. Which is true. (more…)
Product displacement
19 April 2021
Product placement is a reality of advertising in today's entertainment industry. It's become so everyday, that much of it passes us by, at least consciously. Occasionally, something comes along that's so unsubtle as to be almost aggressive; but, by and large, product placement goes unnoticed. That's probably when it's most effective, when it's subliminal; but I'm no marketing psychologist. (more…)
Another Fury, another cat
30 March 2021
Writing for BBC Culture, Nicholas Barber marks the imminent 80th anniversary of the introduction of the world's first great superheroine. No, not Wonder Woman, she arrived six months later; Miss Fury made her comic strip debut in April 1941. Not only was Miss Fury the first superheroine in print, but she was also the creation of, fittingly enough, a woman, June Tarpé Mills. In Mills's hands, Marla Drake, a New York socialite by day, becomes a Catwoman wannabe;* donning a magic leopardskin jumpsuit and bounding into action, as you do. (more…)
Justice is served!
17 March 2021
Zac Snyder's version of Justice League is finally upon us, with most critics agreeing that it's an improvement on the 2017 original, at least according to those reviews cited by the BBC. The original was infamously fucked up, sorry, reimagined by Jos Whedon, when he took over the production after Snyder's departure following a family tragedy. I have watched that version, described by one anonymous Warner Bros. executive as a piece of shit. It was…okay, but let down by a muddled plot and an anticlimactic antagonist. (more…)
Rock star
8 March 2021
According to Leox Gyasi's entry in the Star Wars Databank, romantic and sexual encounters are not imperative to him, as he identifies as asexual. Nice and non-threatening then; so, not that IC1 male after all. I wonder whether he has any knackers, or if they were removed when he stepped through LucasFilm's hallowed portal? (more…)
Rock bottom
8 March 2021
I thought that the first of April had come early this year, as Star Wars: The High Republic introduced its main characters in an amateur-hour animation. Leox Gyasi, who looks suspiciously IC1 male to be completely on message at LucasFilm, is the eccentric pilot of a vessel, known simply as the Vessel…navigated by Geode, who appears to be a rock. The rising you gotta be shittin' me! tone sounded like the narrator didn't quite believe what she was saying. I'll give her kudos for not laughing though. (more…)
8 March 2021
Apparently, the future of content creation lies in deepfake, the use of artificial intelligence to generate lifelike talking heads that, for all intents and purposes, cannot be distinguished from the real thing. In the case of at least one software system, the process is as simple as typing in the words for a selected avatar to speak. The whole concept is an ethical and cultural minefield, if not just plain creepy; and, as Donald Trump supposedly said of Jeffrey Epstein, I'm not a fan. (more…)
Best Bond? Shome mishtake shurely!
25 January 2021
Calvin Dyson ranks his favourite actors to have played James Bond in Ranking James Bond Actors | Personal Favourites. His personal favourite? None other than…Roger Moore! (SMH) (more…)
Who cares?
3 December 2020
Many years ago, when I was a mere lad, I used to watch a children's TV scifi show, starring Jon Pertwee and then, later, Tom Baker. Unfortunately, it started going downhill after Baker's departure; or perhaps I'd just outgrown it. The last time that I saw Doctor Who, albeit in passing, Sylvester McCoy was butchering the titular character. It was so bad that I couldn't watch it, and the show was put out of its misery shortly thereafter. (more…)
Time To Die
26 November 2020
There's some dismay on social media over the retirement of James Bond, in favour of a black woman, in the upcoming No Time To Die. And it's not just old white men that are offended by the retconning of a decades-old, beloved franchise character for the sake of progressivism and virtue signalling. (more…)
Picture imperfect
21 October 2020
If you desire a special commemoration of a beloved pet, acclaimed artist Hercule Van Wolfwinkle is your go-to portraitist. Just supply a photograph of the subject to be immortalised, and he'll supply the magic—availability notwithstanding, he's insanely popular and has a long wait-list. But it's not difficult to see why: (more…)
Bond, Jane Bond
21 September 2020
A little brouhaha over a woke 007 rumbled on the 'net a while ago, as Daniel Craig is expected to pass the baton to a black woman. (more…)
Disney Minus
6 September 2020
Reviews of Disney's live action remake of Mulan have been generally mixed to favourable. I like the story, and I was looking forward to this release. But…hnnng, I can't. (more…)
6 September 2020
Reading a BBC report on John Cage's outrageously pretentious 639 year-long composition As Slow As Possible, which began in 2001 and will end in 2640, led me to an older article about a scam legal row between Cage and fellow composer Mike Batt. Batt had allegedly included a snippet of Cage's meisterwerk 4′33″ in his own, less obscurely titled, A One Minute Silence. (more…)
Today I learned...
13 August 2020
…not to trust anything you see on the silver screen. Again. (more…)
A dog with no name
16 July 2020
RAF Scampton—the home of 617 Squadron, The Dambusters—has replaced the gravestone of the squadron's mascot, a black Labrador named Nigger, who died on the night of the famous raid on the Ruhr dams in 1943. Squadron Leader Guy Gibson, whose dog he was, named him because, at the time, nigger was not a derogatory reference, rather simply the name for a shade of black. (more…)
I'll make my own mind up, as long as it's alright with you
8 July 2020
As a supporter of the freedom of speech, the recent cancel culture phenomenon repulses me. So I was heartened to read of a letter published in Harper's Magazine, signed by around 150 writers, academics, and activists, condemning cancel culture and the stifling of debate. (more…)
Fringe syndrome
19 August 2019
The results are in, and Tim Vine hasn't won the Dave award for best joke at the Edinburgh Fringe. In fact, he didn't make the top ten shortlist. Was he even there? (more…)
Keeping mum
8 March 2019
The hand-wringing over whitewashing in Hollywood has taken a slightly more surreal turn when Will Smith is accused of not being black enough to play Richard Williams in a biopic. (more…)
President Pooh
4 February 2019
Winnie the Pooh is one of my youngest daughter's favourite characters, so I don't know she would take it knowing that his name is censored on Chinese search engines and social media. Apparently, naughty people have been likening Christopher Robin's silly old bear to Chinese dictator President Xi Jinping, which is quite ridiculous since they look nothing like each other. (more…)
A funny thing really did happen on the way to the Fringe
20 August 2018
…At last! Dave announced the award for the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it's not one of Tim Vine's groan-worthy attempts. (more…)
Who ya gonna call? Cardi, Cardi
She sounds like a 'tardi, 'tardi
23 April 2018
Rap and hip-hop music, you either love it or hate it. Or you're indifferent to it. I guess that covers all the bases. (more…)
Mary, Mary, on the contrary
13 March 2018
According to a new film, Mary Magdalene was not a fallen women redeemed by Christ; that was all made up by Pope Gregory I in 591. Instead, she has now been given a completely new, and likely just as fictitious, back story. (more…)
Playrz play'n, h8rz h8'n
15 February 2018
Taylor Swift has won her judgement in a copyright case over the lyrics to Shake It Off. Sean Hall and Nathan Butler argued that players gonna play and haters gonna hate borrowed from their own Playas Gon' Play. But Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald deemed the phrases too banal to be copyrightable. (more…)
Worst song ever?
12 May 2017
Rob Tannenbaum, writing for GQ, has declared Starship's We Built This City to be the worst song of all time. I'm not sure what objective criteria he used to arrive at this conclusion, but hey ho. (more…)
Art is in the eye of the beholder
24 August 2012
Cecilia Gimenez was so upset at the damage to a fresco in Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza, Spain, that she decided to restore it herself. (more…)
Happy birthday Hans Cristian Andersen
2 April 2005
If he were alive, Hans Christian Andersen would be 200 today. Happy birthday to the man who saw through the Emperor's new clothes. (more…)