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Sore loser
25 January 2023

Chinonye Chukwu, who wrote and directed Till, which garnered no nominations for this year's Oscars, showed magnanimity in rejection…by accusing Hollywoke of unabashed misogyny towards Black women. This is despite AMPAS doubling its female and ethnic minority members in 2020, as well as mandating arbitrary diversity criteria for nominations in the best picture category.

Journalism 404
7 January 2023

For those unfamiliar with the matter, Kotaku is a garbage-tier gaming site that employs urinalists in place of journalists. From what I can determine, the webzine isn't taken seriously among gamers—who are presumably its target audience—for several reasons, not limited to the quality of the writing, or lack thereof, and staffers' apparent obsession with politics over gaming.

Boo-hoos and hurt fee-fees
15 December 2022

Prince Harry has claimed it was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me over the Sussex's departure from royal life. Poor fucking lambykins. It's a miracle that he managed two tours of duty in Afghanistan, really. (rolleyes)

A tale of two rocket men
10 December 2022

Sir Elton John has rage-quit fap-quit Twitter, over changes in misinformation policy under Elon Musk's ownership. Presumably, he was happy enough with the misinformation policy and general toxicity under the prior regime. (shrug)

What happened to the spirit of punk?
9 December 2022

After the dinky butthurts criticised their choice of name, British punk band Slaves bent down, grabbed their ankles, and changed it to Soft Play. Very punk. Not.

Too butch for Jim
2 December 2022

Sometimes Hollyweirdos would be better off not making their personal thoughts, such as they are, public. The latest to come across as completely batshit is director James Cameron. While peddling his new opus, Avatar: The Way of Water to The Hollywood Reporter's Rebecca Keegan, he shared his thoughts on testosterone, of all things.

25 August 2022

There was a time when a TV or film production that contained graphic or upsetting scenes would be accompanied by an advisory content warning to that effect, so as to suitably prepare the unwary. And there's absolutely nothing wrong in that. Now, however, they're accompanied by trigger warnings.

Oh no, poor lamb
22 August 2022

In How workplace bullying went remote, Joanna York examines workplace bullying in the remote-work era. But is she really discussing bullying, or simply hurt fee-fees, when she refers to unkind behaviour?

19 August 2022

The Edinburgh Fringe has for decades been a bastion of cutting-edge, often raw comedy. This is where comedians go to try out their wildest, newest material, and where grown-ups go to be shocked as well as entertained. Snowflakes should look elsewhere.

Half dutch
16 August 2022

This cropped up as a most read lead on BBC News online. What at first appeared to be a compelling national statement on social media abstinence, however, turns out to be a very much more mundane tale of a minor celebrity stepping away from InstaTweet. What a let-down! (thumbdown)

The other F-bomb
2 August 2022

Matt Damon will no longer refer to homosexuals as faggots, so as not to upset his daughter. He'll still gaily gather sticks into faggots of firewood though…until she finds something wrong with that too.

21 June 2022

I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Tweet in space
26 April 2022

After a period of broad speculation, Elon Musk will buy Twitter for a cool $44bn. The announcement has some of the Twitterati weeping into their soy lattes, if not actually soiling themselves.

11 January 2022

Protesters on the French overseas territory of St Pierre and Miquelon have attacked their MP, by pelting him with seaweed. Stéphane Claireaux took his ordeal stoically.

6 January 2022

Laughter is the best medicine, or so we're told. And a prescribed comedy course could be a new way to help people recover from trauma. The sessions will be free for participants, although presumably not for the UK taxpayer; they get their joy from their tax bill.

25 November 2021

Terra Field, one of Netflix's employee activists who took umbrage at Dave Chapelle's The Closer, has resigned from the company. We know this, because she quietly announced it to Twitter, along with her resignation letter.

Saving lives: one fat, brown, gay kiss at a time
27 October 2021

According to hyperbolic tosspots at the premiere of Eternals, the representation of fat, non-white, and gay superheroes is affirming and will save lives.

The Closer
20 October 2021

Today's the day for which Netflix employees, supported by bargain-basement celebrities who I've never heard of, had threatened a walkout in protest against Dave Chappelle's special, The Closer. I had intended to watch it earlier, but postponed it until today to mark this non-event.

Too damned precious!
20 October 2021

Baldwin Cottage is a residence for women and transgendered persons attending Oberlin College and Conservatory, Ohio. The college recently upgraded the heating system in the residence, by installing new radiators. This triggered one of the resident twinks, Peter Fray-Witzer, because the work was conducted by real, biologically-relevant men. The sort of people who install and maintain heating systems.

Funny, not funny
16 October 2021

Outrage has erupted over Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special, The Closer, as he took aim at the alphabet soupers—particularly the T—and the preferred pronoun poseurs. Verily, the dudgeon, it was high; and the salt, it flowed freely and in abundance. You cannot make fun of the trans, it seems.

Bombs or blacklisting
30 August 2021

As someone who doesn't read comics, even I'm aware of Frank Miller. If only through his works that made it to the silver screen: 300; Sin City, and it's sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For; and The Spirit. Although the less said about the last one, the better.

Overreacting much?
15 July 2021

Apparently, whities are appropriating black TikTok performers' dance moves without giving the original creators credit. That's pretty bad behaviour; after all, credit where credit's due. But, there's always one poor lamb who either has to fall back on hyperbole, or simply doesn't understand the true meaning of the words that they're using.

Moaning Muslim
11 June 2021

British actor Riz Ahmed wants an end to toxic Muslim characters…on screen.

The transsporting life
3 May 2021

In the same interview in which he announced his surgical diminution, Elliot Page objected to bans on transgender girls playing in girls' sports.

3 May 2021

Those of us who scoffed at Elliot Page's commitment to joining the patriarchy, are laughing on the other side of our faces now. He's only gone and had a titectomy! Although, in true Page style, it's accompanied by a public announcement, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. I'm assuming that Apple TV+ counts as public.

Able was I
6 April 2021

Sara Nović, writing on behalf of BBC Equality Matters, admonishes you on The harmful ableist language you unknowingly use. You heartless bastard!

Tree Story
23 March 2021

We are reminded, or informed, for those of us who were blissfully unaware until now, that Keiynan Lonsdale—an actor best known as someone that I'd never heard of before—self-identifies as a tree…FFS, even my sense of humour isn't so perverse as to make this shit up! Lonsdale unironically prefers tree/treeself pronouns, rather than he/him. And the male population breathes a hearty sigh of relief.

Rock star
8 March 2021

According to Leox Gyasi's entry in the Star Wars Databank: romantic and sexual encounters are not imperative to him, as he identifies as asexual. Nice and non-threatening then; so, not that IC1 male after all. I wonder whether he has any knackers, or if they were removed when he stepped through LucasFilm's hallowed portal?

Rock bottom
8 March 2021

I thought that the first of April had come early this year, as Star Wars: The High Republic introduced its main characters in an amateur-hour animation. Leox Gyasi—who looks suspiciously IC1 male to be completely on message at LucasFilm—is the eccentric pilot of a vessel, known simply as the Vessel…navigated by Geode, who appears to be a rock. The rising you gotta be shittin' me! tone sounded like the narrator didn't quite believe what she was saying. I'll give her kudos for not laughing though.

The name game
15 January 2021

Mithering on behalf of BBC Worklife, Zulekha Nathoo explains Why getting a name right matters. If you can't be bothered to read the whole article, you're not alone. It's just another whinge about mispronunciation of names, and how it's your fault if you struggle with someone's name.

Gone(ish), but not forgotten
9 December 2020

Deadnaming is the practice of referring to a transgender person by the name that they used before they transitioned, even if that's only a trans-lite conversion. So Elliot Page's deadname is Ellen. Using the deadname is considered bad etiquette among the coddled minorities, as is using the wrong pronouns. And the twinks on social media, who have nothing constructive to do with their lives, take it very seriously.

Take it! Like a man!
2 December 2020

Kneon (Thom Pratt) at Clownfish TV covered the Ellen/Elliot Page non-story, and received some comments that are predictably similar to my own thoughts. My favourites are copied below, simply for convenience…and some additional commentary.

Just a regular guy
2 December 2020

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the public consciousness, Ellen Page has come out. Again. Strewth, is she ever in for more than five minutes?

The complexity of superheroism
30 July 2020

Way back in the mists of time, we considered the philosophy and psychology of superheroes and superheroism.

Fear the frost
24 June 2020

Being the wrong side of 50, I am somewhat behind the curve, not that I was ever ahead of it at the best of times. I'm aware of woke, snowflakes, pandering, and SJW, but only today did I discover that Marvel plan to reboot their superhero team, New Warriors, with their first non-binary character.* This character is also black and wears blue. His/her/its/their name? None other than…ummm…Snowflake.

Fringe syndrome
19 August 2019

The results are in, and Tim Vine hasn't won the Dave award for best joke at the Edinburgh Fringe. In fact, he didn't make the top ten shortlist. Was he even there?

At least they bend their gender
2 March 2019

Former women's swimming Olympic silver medallist, Sharron Davies, has come out; in support, that is, of Martina Navratilova's position that transgender athletes are cheating. Needless to say, the snowflakes are all a'dither, whining that:

Hubris: how gay!
9 November 2012

In a perhaps unguarded moment during a light-hearted radio interview, New Zealand's prime minister John Key referred to a presenter wearing a gay red top. This outraged some who construed it as a slur against the homosexual community. Key later defended himself, stating that he used the word gay to mean weird rather than as a deliberate offence; although the Oxford Dictionary only notes its use in this manner to mean foolish, stupid, or unimpressive.