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The Motherland
2 February 2022

Llívia is a small Spanish Catalan enclave within France. It was created in the seventeenth century, through a stunning act of pedantry on the part of the Spanish.

Hitler: that two-faced jerk!
9 December 2021

In The Fegelein Wedding - Nazi Fairytale or Nazi Nightmare? Mark Felton recounts Gretl Braun's romances and marriage. Gretl, the younger sister of Adolf Hitler's squeeze, Eva, fell in love with Fritz Darges, who was Hitler's SS adjutant at the time.

The running woman
30 September 2021

Not all Nazi war criminals give up easily. Instead of attending her trial for complicity in 11,000 murders, 96-year-old Irmgard Furchner did a runner from her nursing home.

Of Nazis and nutters
15 September 2021

Heinrich Himmler sent an expedition to Tibet in 1938, to search for the origins of the Aryan race. This is the same mythical race that was a figment of Hitler's imagination.

Time is running out
3 August 2021

And it's a race to the finish line!

Doris the Minor
12 April 2021

Today I learned, through a combination of web forum surfing and Wiki-whacking, that Herod the Great's wife was named Doris. Or, more accurately, one of his wives—for he had several.

Creative reimagining
28 September 2020

OMG! It's almost as if Karolina Żebrowska was in the same room during Sandy Powell's creative reimagining sessions.

A dog with no name
16 July 2020

RAF Scampton—the home of 617 Squadron, The Dambusters—has replaced the gravestone of the squadron's mascot, a black Labrador named Nigger, who died on the night of the famous raid on the Ruhr dams in 1943. Squadron Leader Guy Gibson, whose dog he was, named him because, at the time, nigger was not a derogatory reference, rather simply the name for a shade of black.

Reimagining history
24 February 2019

The BBC asked two experts to comment on whether The Favourite, a dramatisation of the later life of Queen Anne, is fact or fiction. On the subject of Sandy Powell's costume design, Matthew Storey observed that:

Changing fashions
30 November 2015

The Man In The High Castle adapts Philip K. Dick's alternative history novel to the small screen. It imagines a USA following the victory of the Axis powers during the 1939–1945 war; a USA split between German and Japanese rule.

Catch me if you can
18 June 2013

Suspected war criminal Laszlo Csatary, a Nazi policeman in 1944, has been charged by Hungarian prosecutors with torture and murder of Jewish prisoners. His trial is expected to start in three months.

Mr or Miss? Only his or her parents know the terrible truth!
9 September 2009

Gretel Bergmann, who is Jewish, was replaced in the 1936 German Olympics team by one Dora Ratjen. The International Olympic Committee had insisted on Jewish participation as a condition of Berlin hosting the 1936 Olympic Games, but the organisers feared that Adolf Hitler would be embarrassed by a Jew winning gold. Two years later, Dora was revealed to be a man, Horst Ratjen.