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Too hot for Denmark
12 June 2024

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has recalled three lines of Samyang's spicy instant ramen noodles, because the levels of total capsaicin in the products pose a risk of acute poisoning.

A whole new level of stoopid
30 May 2024

Corey Harris was due to appear in court on charges of driving while suspended. He claimed he unfortunately had a conflicting doctor's appointment, so he joined the court proceedings remotely…from behind the wheel of his car. (facepalm)

Freedom: a matter of perspective
3 May 2024

Presidential Medals of Freedom, the US equivalent of top gongs for doing the day job. And 'Pa Joe's giving out nineteen of those suckers, although not all recipients will be in attendance.

The bee's knees 🐝
1 May 2024

A search for do bees have knees?* threw up this strange follow-on: how many bees do knees have?

Go big or go home
8 March 2024

North Yorkshire Police pulled a BMW X5 towing a suspected stolen caravan on the M1 motorway near Garforth. According to the filth, the vehicle was fitted with cloned registration plates, and they found a selection of others upon searching it.

100% or less
2 January 2024

I went into the local Sainsbury's supermarket to buy cotton pyjamas. I only wear natural fibres, because artificial ones make me sweat. And I'm wary of descriptions such as cotton rich, because that's not necessarily pure cotton.

5 December 2023

The death of a holidaymaker in The Bahamas, following a shark attack, introduced Royal Bahamas Police Force spokesperson Sgt Desiree Ferguson to the world stage.

Feline peckish
26 October 2023

Just when I thought my opinion of China couldn't go any lower, they pull a stunt like this. Police have busted a ring trading in cat meat for human consumption. The puddy tats were to find their way into pork and lamb skewers and sausages.

Celebrity trials and woes
14 October 2023

Leading with a headline like Helen Skelton breaks silence on divorce to Richie Myler, it appears that Helen Skelton's (who?) personal life's a bit of a mess. But things get worse, much worse:

Living like a monk…but not
2 October 2023

It seems that children are not alone in spending too much time on social media, grown-arsed adults also have difficulty prioritising and unplugging. According to one shameless sad sack, it's hard to limit your social media use by willpower alone. Hence there are apps—hohoho—for anyone who can't just switch their phone off and leave it in another room.

10 September 2023

Four days after going on the lam from low-security HMP Wandsworth, ex-soldier Daniel Khalife has been recaptured. The BBC News home page notes in its lead for the main story that he now remains in custody after [his] arrest.

The power of five
3 September 2023

A series of articles on the BBC's home page extolling the power of the number five caught my eye, leading me to this story about British pupils still using the pandemic to avoid school in favour of esports training.

BBC website funding…?
31 August 2023

While I'm visiting the UK, defaults to including this little titbit, advising that the site is not funded by the licence fee. Clicking the webpage's banner takes me to and the notice disappears. But it's never shown when I visit from outside the UK.

The wetter forecast (rain)
27 August 2023

Crikey! Not only an extreme rain warning, but a severe rain warning to boot! (eek)

Photo op
25 August 2023

Orange Don and fellow travellers have handed themselves over to Fulton County Sheriff's office to have their mugshots taken. Some of the photos, however, have been criticised by experts in the field of taking snappy snaps, for their lack of professionalism.

Music mix
14 August 2023

I imagine it's fair to say that anyone who watches YouTube content has a penchant for certain subjects and content creators. I guess the algorithm learns that and brings in new but more of the same over time. Perhaps the settings are stored on one's computer, dunno. Whatever, it seems that the algorithm really shits the bed on occasion, and loses track of my favoured viewing; possibly in an attempt to drive me towards creating an account.

Please sir, I want some more
6 August 2023

As SAG-AFTRA's luvvies continue to withhold their massive talent from the camera's loving gaze, everyone's favourite Latina grifter, Rachel Zegler, brought her own perspective to the pity party. In a video that went viral for all the wrong reasons, and saw her getting roasted for being entitled and out-of-touch, she declared:

"Meaningful conversations"
3 August 2023

The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and his wife are separating after eighteen years' marriage, following meaningful and difficult conversations. It's reassuring to know that this momentous change in their family's life wasn't decided upon after frivolous chit-chat. (rolleyes)

Better call G'iah
1 August 2023

Secret Invasion, Disney Marvel Studios' straight-to-streaming D+ alien invasion-cum-espionage thriller, has come and gone. It debuted to the second lowest opening audience for an MCU miniseries, and ended as the least appreciated. That's some feat. There are winners and losers in all walks of life, the entertainment industry being no exception; but even losers can come a close last. This one wasn't even trying.

Less is more
17 July 2023

Generally, the higher the specification, the higher the price. And iPhones are no exception. When it was first introduced in 2007, the 8GB version was $100 more than the 4GB one. Oh, how times change.

Miss Nederlad
13 July 2023

A Dutch transgender woman broke boundaries to win the Miss Netherlands title, becoming the second openly transgender woman to enter December's Miss Universe. And, thanks to her gender reassignment surgery, she didn't even have to tuck.

Grab 'em while you can!
23 June 2023

Walmart is closing four stores in Chicago, due to financial losses stemming from customers preferring to not pay for the goods that they're walking out with. Some people, including elected local government officials, are having difficulty understanding the company's actions, calling the closures racist because they only affect black neighbourhoods; seemingly oblivious to the fact that these are the places where thefts predominate.

Not a good idea
20 June 2023

Who'd've thought that tourist submarine trips to explore RMS Titanic at a depth of 3800m below the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean could be potentially hazardous? More to the point, who thought it was a good idea in the first place?

Democracy with a big stick
17 June 2023

A terrorist attack on a Ugandan school, by rebels linked to Islamic State, left twenty-five victims dead and eight in critical condition. The wider death toll may be higher.

300lb of Whatever
11 June 2023

Ali C. Lopez (@al.weeezy) is a grossly obese trangender TikToker. I'm really uncertain as to whether she's a comedy legend or suffers from epic delusion, for when she appeared on the Whatever podcast, the self-proclaimed certified bad bitch rated herself a full fat fucking ten. This is on a 1–10 scale. Did she misunderstand the question? (confused)

Come back when you're dead
9 June 2023

On reading the headline, it took me a brief moment to recognise that the 90-year-old in question must be that age now, not at the time the crime was committed. Otherwise, he'd be in the news for entirely more worthy reasons.

Bible bashing
3 June 2023

After the pornography of Michaelangelo's David, comes the vulgarity and violence of the King James Bible. I shit you not. A parent in Utah complained of its depravity, and the school district has removed it from elementary and middle schools.

Emojional unintelligence (clown)
2 June 2023

A coalition of Germany’s regional broadcasters has released a list of extreme right wing emojis, use of which on social media can be used to identify you as a fascist pig. These include a student raising their hand, as a nazi salute; an okay symbol alongside a glass of milk, for white supremacy; a clown face, as comment on non-extreme right-wing politics; and a red cross, in place of a swastika. I shit you not: (cross) = (swastika)(whatever)

Pervy Pigs
25 May 2023

A social media influencer has been found guilty of stalking and harassing three Premier League football players. So far, so drear.

Game theory
24 May 2023

According to Dove—the brand of soap, of all things—74% of girls feel underrepresented in video games. How the hell do they think boys feel? How many video game characters are portrayed as pasty-, spotty-faced bespectacled youths, with the physique of a garden rake and the charisma of a dishcloth?

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs
20 May 2023

Australian police take a no-nonsense approach to law enforcement. Securing the nanny state down under against antisocial elements is not to be taken lightly.

Anarchy don't come cheap
18 May 2023

This is funny. As in so deluded, it's funny.

Selling piss
16 May 2023

Amelia Robinson is The Columbus Dispatch's opinion and community engagement editor. In the wake of the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney controversy, she weighed in on the debate with an opinion piece, fearlessly wielding her incomplete grasp of the situation.*

12 May 2023

NYC's lardarses have cause to shake their booties. Yes, indeed, the city has passed a bill abrogating them from responsibility for their own health, and impacting the lives of the less generously proportioned, by allowing them to join the ranks of the disenfranchised.

Love thy neighbour
10 May 2023

A yee-haw in Louisiana shot at children running away from his home, unknowingly hitting a young teenaged girl in the back of the head. It's not clear what part of firing at shadows makes a hit unknowing; pure luck that the shot found its mark, perhaps? It makes it sound like he didn't intend to hit anyone; in which case, not firing into the shadows in the first place would've been a better approach. And people like this are allowed to own firearms in the USofA(rmaments).

Is this what creative apathy looks like?
4 April 2023

Disney is to bring another of its animated greats to life. Verily, the uncreativity at the House of Mouse is unbridled.

No nudes is good news
31 March 2023

An Australian ocean swimmer has resigned from her surf club, after receiving notice that she'd breached their no nudity policy when changing out of her swimming costume…in the changing room. Club members are directed to shower in their swimming costume, and change under a towel; at that point, one might as well just go to the beach and save the membership/entrance fee. Surf Life Saving New South Wales' CEO sought to avert mockery:

Forever and a day
30 March 2023

Disney and the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, have been spitting and calling each other poopyhead, ever since Mouse House tried to undermine Florida House (Bill 1557, the Parental Rights in Education Act). This has culminated in DeSantis pulling the plug on Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District, which had previously given the company carte blanche to do pretty much whatever the hell it wanted with its Walt Disney World resort.

Have we reached peak stupidity yet?
27 March 2023

haven’t stopped crying since an hour ago. my balls still hurt so bad. Said no woman, ever.

25 March 2023

Following a sixth-grade art lesson at Tallahassee Classical School, FL, a parent complained that the students had been exposed to pornography when shown Michelangelo's statue of David. As a result, the school's principal was forced to resign or be fired.

Name that boy
13 March 2023

I came across this handy-and-dandy list of one-syllable names for baby boys, compiled by Jacqueline at Parent Portfolio:

Some people probably shouldn't have an opinion
26 February 2023

Peak stupidity is reached with a poll—in the US, naturally—which asked whether respondents agree that: It's OK to be white.

Stamp duty
25 February 2023

Although released in the middle of last year, I have only today noticed—while collecting the mail—that Swiss Post is commemorating 100 years of Swiss air traffic control. I guess somebody has to, even if it's only to generate a little revenue from the philatelists. (shrug)

New old phone, or old new phone?
22 February 2023

How much would you pay for an iPhone? An obsolete one, that is. And, although it might work, you can't use it. Or even ever touch it.

'Tards talking 'tards
17 February 2023

Giant Freaking Robot, a garbage-tier clickbait rumour mill, has an article entitled See Florence Pugh Show Off Contortionist Skills In A Skin-Tight Leotard. It sounds creepily voyeuristic. And, no, I didn't read it. (holy)

Satan sells
7 February 2023

Someone claiming to be Madonna introduced Sam Smith and Kim Petras at the Grammy Awards' ceremony—if ceremony isn't too grand a term—when the pair won the Best Pop Duo or Group Performance award for Unholy. The song's not terrible; but, all the same, 2022 must've been a pretty lean year. Anyhow, that's not the point…or is it?

Slik spelling
7 February 2023

While writing the previous entry to this pit of nonsense, I misspelled silk as slik. Strangely enough, the automatic spellchecker didn't pick this error up, it fell to the old-skool analogue version instead. So I figured that slik must be a real word. I wonder what it means? (thinking)

Nothing like the real thing
7 February 2023

Apparently, you can't believe all that you read on the label. Clothing labels that is. Because fabric fraud is a thing.

And god created woman…and the Taliban
28 December 2022

Reacting to the Taliban's prohibition against women attending university, a nineteen year-old Afghan girl wishes god had never created women.

Dolled up
27 December 2022

For those of us blissfully unaware that South Korea prohibited the import of sex dolls, it doesn't. At least not any longer, because officials have lifted the ban that was in place. This will come as a relief to some of the country's citizens more than others.

What a difference a Dey makes
20 December 2022

Irmgard Furchner has been brought to justice and sentenced to a two-year suspended jail term, for complicity in war crimes during WWII. In her role as a typist at Stutthof concentration camp, she may have been aware of atrocities when she saw papers in the office, or looked out of the window. Yet, as a teenaged young woman, she didn't rise up against the might of the Nazi death machine.

Health warning…or clever marketing?
16 December 2022

It's a story that thankfully doesn't require mathematical dexterity, as Tiffanie Turnbull regales us over toxic spinach being sold in Australian Costco stores. The Riviera Farms baby spinach appears to have been contaminated with a weed that induces hallucinations.

Somebody actually said this
12 December 2022

Christ only knows how I got there, but Lucy-Ann Jones, trainee reporter for Dudley News, informs us of a startling two-seater plane crash at Halfpenny Green Airport, near Wolverhampton. So far, so boring.*

Not-so-peaceful prize
11 December 2022

This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to three people: Oleksandra Matviichuk of Ukraine; Ales Bialiatski from Belarus; and Russian, Yan Rachinsky. While Ms Matviichuk praised Mr Rachinsky's work and described Memorial [the Russian civil rights group which he heads] as our partner, she refused to be interviewed alongside him.

Not reading the room
7 December 2022

In the wake of China's about-face cancellation of its zero-WuFlu policy, to the relief of many of its denizens, some have actually expressed concern over the sudden changes.

Party animals
24 November 2022

According to police in India, rats have eaten hundreds of kilograms of cannabis held as evidence in drug trafficking prosecutions. In 2017, rats were blamed for drinking thousands of litres of confiscated contraband alcohol.

No laughing matter
16 November 2022

I guess it's too early, because this headline made me laugh more than it should've, really.

Fear and loathing in Zhengzhou
3 November 2022

A recent breakout by Foxconn workers desperate to avoid lockdown was, apparently, driven by fear, panic and ignorance. And, to give us an idea of the level of ignorance involved:

1 November 2022

How many people would be excited for an Indiana Jones film, without Indie? We may well find out, if Phoebe Waller-Bridge gets her way, but would you be excited? How about Mission Impossible, without Ethan Hunt; Iron Man, without Iron Man; or Black Panther, without Black Panther?

Dead man running
26 October 2022

Merkan politics keep getting dragged up too often on even the little social media that I involve myself in: YouTube. It's just asinine and tedious. So I tend to avoid anything on the subject, unless it's particularly amusing.

Baby steps
25 October 2022

BBC News in editorial transparency shocker!

Another day…
25 October 2022

News of another US school shooting, this time in St Louis, MO, in which only three people—including the gunman—died, is most remarkable for this factette:

The future is fucked. We're all doomed!
22 October 2022

Grace Keeling, AKA gkbarry, is—according to the BBC Newsbeat droid—One of the UK's top TikTok creators, who's known for her candid, funny, short videos. Well, okay then.

A fine fine
13 October 2022

This headline made me laugh: Alex Jones told to pay $965m to Sandy Hook families.

The piggy principle
11 October 2022

Writing for BBC Family Tree, Alessia Franco and David Robson extol the virtues of children playing in muddy puddles. It seems that playing with dirt and water is to the benefit of both physical and mental development.

Time machine doppelgänger
25 September 2022

I backup our Macs to Time Machine running on a Synology DiskStation NAS. The TM folder is named, imaginatively enough, time machine. Some time ago, the backups stopped, but I've only just got around to sorting it out—almost three months later. (embarrassed)

21 September 2022

Kayla Lemieux, a Canadian transgender teacher, has caused both rage and amusement—from different quarters—for attending school classes wearing what can only be described as clownishly oversized, if not flat-out fetishistic, prosthetic breasts. Replete with protruding nipples, the…umm…embellishments hang down to her waist. Lolo Ferrari would've been awe-struck.

Born-again omnivore
20 September 2022

The COO of vegan food processor Beyond Meat, Douglas Ramsey, bit another man in an altercation, allegedly ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose.

24 August 2022

Should you ever need a nine-hour timer, then Online Alarm Kur has got you covered with their 9 Hour Timer. You lucky you, you! (thumbup)

Are you new here?
6 August 2022

Adobe must be blowing the cobwebs out of their Support Community, for I've just been notified that I have a new rank. Apparently, thanks to my contributions to the community, I'm now new around them there parts.

Sport without sweat (sweaty)
5 August 2022

Until now, opportunities for sporting glory have been limited to people who're physically fit and don't mind getting sweaty. Those who want to stay in bed or loungewear; who don't like getting out of breath; or who don't want to mess up their hair, have been excluded. But all that's changing, as esports are making their debut at this year's Commonwealth Games. And it's about time too!

Let me count the ways
24 June 2022

While searching Google on the subject of plagiarism, as is my wont, I discovered that it comes in many forms. Four, to be precise.

My nipples explode with delight!
17 June 2022

Newsflash to Sarah Jones: There's no such thing as the perfect cup of coffee. I only drink the filthy stuff when I need a jolt. And then it's solely for its pharmacological effects, not its organoleptic characteristics.

The unknown incel
14 June 2022

An incel who murdered ten people in Toronto in 2018, by driving a van into pedestrians, has been sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years. He was found guilty of the crimes last year.

Zits and tits
10 June 2022

YouTube has added a new category of videos to its home page, called Shorts. These are not only short, but vertically-framed, which makes me think that they were originally created for TikTok. The intellectual standard certainly supports this assumption.

Useless error message #1253
7 June 2022

I had Let's Encrypt certificates working long-time on my Synology DiskStation NAS, that is until some extended shenanigans by my ISP left me offline during the renewal period. To add to the fun, my router also died, so I had to install a new one. All of this, of course, meant that the certificate wasn't renewed in the usual manner. Ne'ermind, I'll just delete the old certificate and create a new one. Or so I thought.

All I want for Christmas is your royalties
5 June 2022

Mariah Carey first released All I Want for Christmas is You in 1994. Now, 28 years later, Andy Stone of Vince Vance and the Valiants fame,* is suing her for copyright infringement, claiming that she used the title of his song, written five years earlier, without permission. But he's a reasonable guy, and he's only asking for at least $20 million to soothe his creative sensitivities.

The right to bear scary arms
12 May 2022

A Californian federal appeals court has struck down a state ban on the sale of semi-automatic firearms to people under the age of 21. The reasoning is quite exceptional, albeit illogical. But what's logic got to do with US gun law?

Foetal accident
10 May 2022

More controversy over five-letter words in Wordle. On 9th May, some users found that the answer was FETUS. The NYT claimed that this was coincidental. Nevertheless, the bonkers brigade thought that it was a deliberate attempt to comment on the US abortion debate.

Misleading ad shock!
29 April 2022

Samsung has apologised for an advert, showing a woman going for a run through the streets of a city alone at night.

A very thoughtful question…?
22 April 2022

A worthwhile question, below, I'm sure you'll agree. I just feel inadequately qualified to answer it. (confused)

Rwandan hotel
14 April 2022

The bouncing booby, UK Prime Minister BoJo, plans to fly asylum seekers to Rwanda, of all places, for processing. It's not clear whether they're given a return ticket, at UK tax payers' expense, or have to make their own way back. After all, if they did it once, they can surely do it again.

Stormy weather
6 April 2022

If ten hours of fireplace crackling is too hot for you, you might appreciate twenty-four hours of non-stop heavy rain action. And who wouldn't?

Gender denial
24 March 2022

I cannot pretend that I understand the background, or care much, but there's a lot of discussion over the pond about what defines a woman. It seems like a strange question, because the answer's screamingly obvious to anyone with an above-room temperature IQ. But I think it may have something to do with US law, and twinkies' rights over normals.

Swimmin' with the wimmin
22 March 2022

Lia Thomas, a trans-woman swimmer, has been dominating US women's college swimming. I simply cannot imagine why. (rolleyes)

Fire safety
21 March 2022

The ten-hour video shown in this thumbnail is actually ten hours and 31 seconds long. Presumably, the extra half a minute is for the paid sponsorship. (thinking)

I feel like a woman…
16 March 2022

…but where can you get one around here? (thinking) (shrug)

'My truth'
15 March 2022

Another popular song, another grifter out for a slice of the action. This time, it's Sami Chokri trying to dip his hand into Ed Sheeran's royalties for Shape of You.

The popcorn bandit (popcorn)
2 March 2022

Two separate couples visited a suburban cinema in Tampa, FL, on 13th January 2014. As the feature started, one of the husbands ignored the request to turn off mobile devices. The other admonished him. Insults were traded; popcorn was thrown; shots were fired.

U kraine, u saw, u conquered
13 February 2022

Preparing for imminent Russian invasion, Ukrainian volunteers are taking part in military training.

A bridge too far
8 February 2022

The building of Jeff Bezos' new megayacht in Rotterdam is causing a stir, because the historic Koningshaven Bridge has to be dismantled for it to leave the shipyard. I don't understand the problem: the bridge is a fairly ugly, industrial structure; and Bezos will pay for it to be rebuilt afterwards. At least he's using his disproportionate wealth to the benefit of gainful employment.

Vegan meat
28 January 2022

Writing for BBC Future, William Park explores a question that I suspect few have ever pondered: The reason some vegan alternatives don't taste like meat.

A question of ownership
25 January 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are unique, encrypted digital tokens that can be used to certify ownership of an artwork, for example. There can be only one owner of an NFT, and this represents one way in which artists and collectors can move their interaction into the digital space.

Downside up
23 January 2022

I ordered a couple of heavy items from an online retailer. Each was shipped separately in its manufacturer's carton, with an address label affixed.

Alpha meatheads assemble!
19 January 2022

It's generally the case that major cultural changes in the US eventually make it to the UK within five years: rock 'n' roll; fast food; frivolous and vexatious litigation; and, most recently, brain death. Yes, the UK now has its very own anti-vax sovereign citizens. (SMH)

Reporter reporting
18 January 2022

Mary-Ann Russon asks What can we do to get more women into coding? I can't honestly say that I give a shit, and her gossamer-thin article didn't help me understand why I should, other than that there's a shortage of digitally-skilled workers.

Jet powered
17 January 2022

In a bid to limit imports and encourage local production, the Nigerian central bank made 41 items ineligible for foreign exchange in 2015. The list included rice; tomatoes; toothpicks, of all things; and…private jets.

I'm sarcastic, therefore I'm brainy
12 January 2022

According to David Robson, writing for BBC Family Tree, a teenager's sarcasm reflects their intellect. Fortunately for me, my sarcastic teen, Emily, doesn't read the BBC online.

6 January 2022

Laughter is the best medicine, or so we're told. And a prescribed comedy course could be a new way to help people recover from trauma. The sessions will be free for participants, although presumably not for the UK taxpayer; they get their joy from their tax bill.

Levelling up?
18 December 2021

A story of further embarrassment for BoJo's government, over restrictions-busting office Christmas parties, is remarkable only for bringing to my attention the fact that there's a Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities within HMG. What the actual fuck is levelling up supposed to mean? (confused)

The revolution will be televised…
28 September 2021

…for shitz 'n' gigglz.

Pickled nothing
29 August 2021

I've harvested so many chillis this year that I'm going to have to pickle some of them. I've never pickled anything in my life before now. Except, possibly, my brain and liver. (SMH)

Chips ahoy!
13 August 2021

Lee Jae-yong, the Samsung heir who was convicted of political bribery, has been released from his South Korean prison on parole. This comes, in part, following pressure from the US Chamber of Commerce.

No vaccine for zombies
11 August 2021

If you thought that Dr Naomi Wolf's opinions on the Chongvax were naive, others arise from the pit of ingorance who are, if anything, even worse.

Mushrooms are tasty
28 July 2021

Ina Garten (who?) is the Barefoot Contessa (who?). At least, I think she is.

Can I have a 'please, no more emojis' emoji?
25 July 2021

It appears that the BBC considers the creation of emojis to be of such importance that they assigned not one, but two of their crack business reporters to the task of writing an article on emojis that don't exist. Yet.

Beginning of the end
25 July 2021

The end credits to one of the greatest films of all time, 1994's The Shawshank Redemption, start with IN MEMORY OF ALLEN GREENE. Strangely enough, this inspired a question on Quora as to whether Allen Greene was a real person. WTF? Why would the film be dedicated to anyone otherwise? (confused)

Game for a laugh
13 July 2021

A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 has sold at auction for a record $1.5m. This is the price range previously occupied only by significant works of art, which can be hung on a wall and admired for the artist's skill. In this case, however, the high price is commanded for physical memorabilia, in the same way as rare trading cards.

Trust me, I'm a doctor
6 June 2021

Twitter has suspended Dr Naomi Wolf's account, after she was found to have spread Chongvax misinformation. Her messages included such gems as vaccines being a software platform that can receive uploads, and that the excreta of vaccinated individuals should be separated from general sewage, until its impact on non-vaccinated people through drinking water has been studied. It seems more humorous, in a batshit crazy way, than misinformative to me; although if it's a sign of her mental illness, then I should feel bad for laughing.

Tastes like chicken
22 May 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that, alongside public health officials in several US states, it's investigating several outbreaks of Salmonella infections, linked to contact with backyard poultry. Across 43 states, 163 people have thus far been affected, 34 of whom have been hospitalised.

Lo-rez journalism
17 May 2021

Writing for BBC Reality Check, intrepid investigative journalists Christopher Giles and Jack Goodman ask the key question, Israel-Gaza: Why is the region blurry on Google Maps? What do you mean, dear reader, you weren't aware that it was? It is, and we're here to find out why!

Suez crisis
26 March 2021

As the Suez Canal is blocked by a massive cargo ship, resulting in huge tailbacks into the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, the cost in lost shipping movements is estimated to be $9.6bn. Per day. The owner of the ship has apologised for the disruption to global trade. I bet that went down well.

Return to normal
23 March 2021

As a mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado supermarket leaves ten people dead, it would be the mark of a true cynic to see any light in this tragedy.

Best Bond? Shome mishtake shurely!
25 January 2021

Calvin Dyson ranks his favourite actors to have played James Bond in Ranking James Bond Actors | Personal Favourites. His personal favourite? None other than…Roger Moore! (SMH)

14 January 2021

In the final days of his presidency, as Orange Don becomes the first US President to be impeached twice, the BBC asks its voter panel for their opinion, in an article grandly entitled Americans react to historic second Trump impeachment.

Blue, not blue
2 October 2020

Five African grey parrots at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have been removed from public view for swearing at visitors. They swear to trigger a response, even among themselves, and that encourages them to swear even more. So, not unlike teenagers and Frankie Boyle then. (pipe)

Totally missing the point
16 September 2020

CutiesMignonnes—a French film concerning a prepubescent twerking dance troupe, written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré, has arrived on Netflix to what can best be described as an utter shitstorm of protest. Although successful at the Sundance film festival, it has been accused of exploitation, sexualising girls, and gratification for paedophiles. Inevitably, there have been calls to cancel Netflix. So far, so drear.

Complete the following sentence
16 September 2020

Changes to the criminal justice system in England and Wales are heralded by the BBC with the headline: Serious criminals to serve more time in jail in justice shake-up. Which obviously begs the question, what jail term do flippant criminals have to serve?

10 August 2020

While reporting the shameful and disrespectful forced redundancy of British Airways' staff through fire and rehire tactics, the BBC has diplomatically changed the names of their respondents. Could this be to protect them from company retaliation? If so, it's very laudable, and most definitely the right thing to do! (thumbup)

You really couldn't make this up. But someone actually did!
15 July 2020

I love a good conspiracy theory, they affirm my cynicism towards secrecy and often big government, but the best ones have a ring of truth about them. Which is more than can be said of the Wayfair child trafficking conspiracy theory.

Hedging their bets
31 May 2020

Michael Angelis, beloved Liverpudlian actor, died yesterday. According to Wikipaedia and The Guardian newspaper, he was 68 years old.

The ultimate in testing your defences
1 December 2019

Although illegal, it's not uncommon for US homeowners to booby-trap their property against home invasion. But, if going down this route, it's advisable to have a clear recollection of where those booby-traps are placed, and how they're triggered.

Don't get sick in India!
29 October 2019

After two-year-old Sujith Wilson fell 180 metres down a borehole in Tamil Nadu state, his body was recovered following a four-day operation.

¡Oh, mierda! (marijuana)
6 April 2019

A study of cannabis sold in Madrid has shown the majority of samples tested to contain dangerous levels of faecal matter.

IKEA, I saw, I cried
24 August 2018

According to the World Economic Forum, IKEA will take back your old furniture, resell it and give you the money, noting that there is nothing new about buying second-hand furniture - antique stores have done it for centuries. The major difference being that antique furniture was built to last while IKEA furniture, quite frankly, isn't.

Gonna need a good lawyer
10 July 2018

PayPal have written to Mrs Lindsay Durdle advising her that her death from cancer breaches its terms of agreement.

The opposite of a back-handed compliment
26 April 2018

The BBC certainly knows how to make a girl feel good about herself. In the ongoing news scrum over porn actress Stormy Daniels' claims of a sexual liaison with the then yet-to-be-President Donald Trump, BBC News feels the need to clarify her place in this group photograph:

In space, no one can hear…the sound of rain running down the windscreen
5 April 2018

Michael FichtenFoo Fichtenmayer presents a tutorial on weathering a 1:72 scale model of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. In it, he refers to rust, following…where gravity would put the streaks on a normal…real-life vehicle, and for flat parts…that don't have gravity, rain, weathering, whatever dragging it downward.

Air Force FUN!
28 February 2018

Hotel magnate and US President, Donald Orange Don Trump, has renegotiated a deal with Boeing to supply two new presidential Air Force Ones. Huh? (confused)

Same old, same old
15 February 2018

Another day, another mass murder at a US school, when a 19-year-old armed with an assault rifle killed at least seventeen people at a high school in Parkland, Florida. School shootings in the US have become so common-place that they hardly make anything other than local news. But Florida's Senator, Marco Rubio, stated that it was too soon to jump to conclusions that there was some law that we could have passed that would have prevented it, while the state's Governor, Rick Scott, also refused to discuss gun control.

Clocking off!
30 September 2017

While the girls have that smouldering dreamboat Paul Ross to mount on their walls, Canvas Clocks have something for the boys: a Pam St Clement wall clock. Battery included!

Bonkers, but not in a benign way
10 August 2017

North Korea has escalated its sabre rattling, and now threatens a rocket strike on the US territory of Guam.

No skool like the old skool
27 March 2017

Parent and journalist Laura June complains that leaving her three-year old daughter with the iPad and unsupervised internet access results in the toddler watching inappropriate content, including frightening derivatives of her favourite cartoon characters. Incensed that these parodies/knock-offs/call-them-what-you-will could offend or frighten her daughter, June does the only logical thing, take away the iPad and parent her daughter properly complain to YouTube, and whinge to the world in general.

No longer a threat
6 December 2013

On the news of Nelson Mandela's death, a poignant juxtaposition of news stories appears on the BBC's website. It seems that he had to die to be removed from the US's list of terrorists. He didn't, of course, that story dates from 2008.

Party out of water
8 August 2013

A dead shark has been found on the New York metro. It's not the sort of thing that usually expected, even in the Big Apple. Apparently, its provenance is a mystery.

A strap-on for girls
25 July 2013

Or, rather, their ponies.

U iz stoopid
24 June 2013

While reading about thoracotomy, as you do, I came across this question on Yahoo! Answers: How do doctors get passed the rib cage during surgery? Which seems pretty reasonable, despite the misspelling.

24 June 2013

The troubles of Italian ex-prime minister Silvio Burlesqueoni Berlustconi Berlusconi never seem to be far from the headlines. Currently he's defending himself against charges that he abused his term in office, and paid for sex with an underage prostitute. Although, in his defence, he claims that he didn't have sex with her. And he didn't know that she was underage. And he was never alone in the same room as her.*

BWAH-HA-HA! It's the real Professor X!
20 June 2013

In something from a bad sci-fi film, two New York men are accused of an X-ray terror plot. It's alleged that Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric Feight planned to build a truck-mounted X-ray device to kill enemies of Israel and the US.

Stable door, bolted horse, etc., etc.
18 June 2013

A married teacher who ran off with a pupil to France is in court accused of child abduction. According to the BBC: Jeremy Forrest, 30, and the girl, who cannot be named, took a cross-Channel ferry to Calais before spending seven days on the run.

Did we mention that he's a son of Korean immigrants?
14 November 2012

In an otherwise completely pointless article on Fortune magazine's completely pointless list of business leaders under 40, this gem of journalistic emphasis:

12 August 2012

Amazon trader St@llion is selling an insanely desirable box canvas print of Paul Ross. And, while we should always be careful about scores and reviews given on Amazon, how could anyone fail to be persuaded by these happy customers?

Oh the irony!
14 June 2012

A drinking party in Russia allegedly boarded a light plane and set off, never to be seen again—at least they're searching. It's not absolutley clear as to whether the pilot was one of the revellers or completely sober, but since everyone in Russia is a raving alcoholic enjoys a good party, let's assume the worst.

Glam boxing
27 October 2011

The Amateur International Boxing Association would like its female competitors to wear a skirt during international competitions. Because, as you know, it's so much more ladylike if a member of the fairer sex is wearing a skirt while she beats the shit out of another.

'Nutritious' has added sugar?
19 January 2011

Apparently those mirthless buggers at the UK Advertising Standards Authority have upheld complaints about advertising by those frisky buggers at Coca-Cola.