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6 January 2022
Laughter is the best medicine, or so we're told. And a prescribed comedy course could be a new way to help people recover from trauma. The sessions will be free for participants, although presumably not for the UK taxpayer; they get their joy from their tax bill. (more…)
15 December 2021
Disney is to remake Zorro. Again. This time as a TV series. Again. Verily, there's a torrent of creativity gushing forth from the House of Mouse. (rolleyes) (more…)
'X' for Latina
13 December 2021
For some inexplicable reason, there's a remake of West Side Story, for anyone who considers the 1961 classic to be somehow inadequate. I wasn't aware that this was something that the world had been clamouring for. Neither were cinema audiences, it seems, who stayed away in droves when it debuted last weekend: Steven Spielberg's effort hasn't performed sensationally at the box office. (more…)
Santa (st)Inc.
8 December 2021
There's been a fair amount of online anger over Santa Inc., in which a couple of preachy, woke-activist Jews, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, make snide jabs at a holiday figure and tradition that's irrelevant to their religion, and which isn't important to them or their families. Replete with the lazy profanity-as-humour that's so beloved of their fans throughout both households. (more…)
Shock news: 'stunning and brave' isn't money
8 November 2021
My earlier cynicism may yet be rooted in reality. (more…)
Imagine all the staffers
Restricting what you do*
1 November 2021
It's kinda touching, the naïvety in the create-space. (more…)
Saving lives: one fat, brown, gay kiss at a time
27 October 2021
According to hyperbolic tosspots at the premiere of Eternals, the representation of fat, non-white, and gay superheroes is affirming and will save lives. (more…)
Funny, not funny
16 October 2021
Outrage has erupted over Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special, The Closer, as he took aim at the alphabet soupers—particularly the T—and the preferred pronoun poseurs. Verily, the dudgeon, it was high; and the salt, it flowed freely and in abundance. You cannot make fun of the trans, it seems. (more…)
Representation, arse
20 September 2021
Apropos of nothing in particular, just getting this down, really. (more…)
Too much too young
19 August 2021
While the Catholic League mither over a Muppet Babies episode fostering transitioning among preschoolers, the Scottish government is going all-in once they get to school. It has published guidance for schools on supporting transgender young people; with young people defined as children or young people who are of school age. (more…)
Hairy spice
17 August 2021
Crunchyroll announced its expansion from anime distributer to original content creator, with High Guardian Spice, in 2018. Three years later, and the product is almost ready to rollout to an expectant world. Or the part of it that's into anime, anyway. (more…)
Damned if you do...
16 August 2021
Following the same day release of Black Widow to theatres and streaming, Disney will release Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings exclusively to theatres for a 45-day period. CEO Bob Chapek cited this as an interesting experiment, which riled the film's lead, Simu Lui. (more…)
League of extraordinary godbotherers
11 August 2021
Disney's Muppet Babies has managed to piss off the Catholics. Yay! (more…)
Butch Carter and the superfans kids
10 August 2021
It seems that, these days, no successful franchise can escape being bled to death, through a combination of creative despondency and corporate desperation. In that vein, Marvel has announced its What If…? series. And it hasn't gone down too well among the MCU stans. (more…)
9 August 2021
Among those hesitant of vaccination against the Chongvirus are the 10% of the population with a fear of needles. Apparently, they can waste hours at clinics being coached into a jab, only to walk away at the last moment, or faint. (more…)
Chairperson of the board
9 August 2021
Nasdaq, America's second largest stock exchange, has announced its intent to set diversity quotas for listed companies. Companies will have to have at least two directors selected from an approved diversity shortlist. (more…)
Overreacting much?
15 July 2021
Apparently, whities are appropriating black TikTok performers' dance moves without giving the original creators credit. That's pretty bad behaviour; after all, credit where credit's due. But, there's always one poor lamb who either has to fall back on hyperbole, or simply doesn't understand the true meaning of the words that they're using. (more…)
Is this really 'news'?
9 July 2021
The BBC claims to be the world's most trusted international news broadcaster. I take this to mean that it broadcasts news of international importance. If so, how on earth does this non-story make the homepage? (more…)
30 June 2021
Must. Pander. Harder. (more…)
Disunite the right!
25 June 2021
A statue of George Floyd—career criminal and patron saint of fentanyl—situated in Brooklyn, New York, has been vandalised. Presumably by an art connoisseur. It was daubed with the website address of a far-right group called Patriot Front. So far, so what? (more…)
Transition to win
24 June 2021
While sportswomen argue against the integration of transgender women in women's sports, Norm Hiccup shows that a motorcyclist who identifies as a cyclist can successfully transition and compete fairly. No steroids here, ladies. (more…)
Snow what?
24 June 2021
In what could be seen as just another race-bait move, Disney has cast latina actress Rachel Zegler as Snow White in their upcoming live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Casting for characters of restricted height has yet to be announced, but it's unlikely that Ray Winstone, Toby Jones, Ian McShane et al. will be invited to reprise their roles from Snow White and the Huntsman, since that would be taking work from genuinely diminutive actors. (more…)
Laurel hardly
21 June 2021
Laurel Hubbard is a transgender weightlifter from New Zealand, who competed as a man until 2013. Hubbard, ranked 17 in the world, will become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympic Games. (more…)
Bottom secret
18 June 2021
I thought that I couldn't care less about Victoria's Secret's angels. How wrong I was. (more…)
Carry On Cleo
12 June 2021
Writing for Smithsonian Magazine, following the premiere of Anne Boleyn, Meilan Solly harks back to the past when arguing that the controversy over Jodie Turner-Smith's casting is unnecessary and harmful. In so doing, she trots out one of those tired old falsehoods: (more…)
Black queen
5 June 2021
It appears that not everyone may be enthusiastic for historical revisionism. Channel 5's Anne Boleyn, a reimagining of historical events leading to the execution of England's first black queen, has not been an undisputed ratings success. (more…)
Panderin' in Mandarin
1 June 2021
John Cena has apologised to China for referring to Taiwan as a country, while promoting the latest in the Fast and the Furious franchise, F9: The Fast Saga, which led to the film tanking at the Chinese box office. He even grabbed his ankles, and issued his apology in Mandarin Chinese. What a guy. (more…)
Let's start at the very beginning
1 June 2021
The WHO has introduced a new naming convention for variants of the Chongvirus. Following complaints from the Indian government, that the Indian variant was being referred to as the Indian variant, the WHO has introduced Greek letters to remove the stigma associated with country names. From now on, the variant first identified in the UK will be Alpha, while the Indian variant will be Delta, and so on. (more…)
Powerpuffs fail the day
26 May 2021
Test screenings of Powerpuff, The CW's live-action reimagining of The Powerpuff Girls, have not been successful. In fact, the pilot was received so poorly that it's been withdrawn, and is to be completely rewritten. (more…)
Low five
26 May 2021
The Predator franchise has taken, for me at least, a similar trajectory to that of Terminator. The first instalment was the best; the second was good enough, but not as good as its predecessor; and thereafter I lost interest. And, like Terminator: Dark Fate, the latest in the Predator series, Disney's catchily-titled Predator 5, looks set to be characterised by identity politics and woke posturing. Compelling stuff! (rolleyes) (more…)
The luvvies are getting restless
10 May 2021
Hollywood's luvvies are all a'dither over the HFPA not being diverse enough. There are no black people among its 87 voting members, and the voting members have been accused of a myriad of questionable practices. For its part, the HFPA has outlined a number of changes to make itself more inclusive, but this has not placated the elite's righteously indignant. (more…)
The new Thinkpol in training
5 May 2021
Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, head teacher at Anderton Park primary school, is instilling a nice little Orwellian ethic in her pupils. Children have been taught to call out sexist language and even to identify sexist stereotypes in books and worksheets. And the programming training starts at the age of three years in the nursery school. (more…)
3 May 2021
Those of us who scoffed at Elliot Page's commitment to joining the patriarchy, are laughing on the other side of our faces now. He's only gone and had a titectomy! Although, in true Page style, it's accompanied by a public announcement, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. I'm assuming that Apple TV+ counts as public. (more…)
Gonna need more bread
22 April 2021
…a lot more bread! (more…)
True Bluey
21 April 2021
Bluey is an ABC animated TV series for preschool children, chronicling the adventures of a Blue Heeler puppy with her family and friends. It's endearing and wholesome, or so I'm led to believe; I've never watched it myself. Nevertheless, writing for ABC Everyday, Beverley Wang wonders whether the show could be more representative. (more…)
Able was I
6 April 2021
Sara Nović, writing on behalf of BBC Equality Matters, admonishes you on The harmful ableist language you unknowingly use. You heartless bastard! (more…)
Tree Story
23 March 2021
We are reminded, or informed, for those of us who were blissfully unaware until now, that Keiynan Lonsdale—an actor best known as someone that I'd never heard of before—self-identifies as a tree…FFS, even my sense of humour isn't so perverse as to make this shit up! Lonsdale unironically prefers tree/treeself pronouns, rather than he/him. And the male population breathes a hearty sigh of relief. (more…)
Powerpuffs (used to) save the day!
22 February 2021
Live-action adaptations of beloved animated franchises. Ugh! (more…)
One bad deed
18 January 2021
He was one of the most influential pop songwriters and producers of his, or any, generation; he invented the wall of sound; and he worked with some of the most iconic artists in pop music history. He was also convicted of second degree murder. (more…)
The name game
15 January 2021
Mithering on behalf of BBC Worklife, Zulekha Nathoo explains Why getting a name right matters. If you can't be bothered to read the whole article, you're not alone. It's just another whinge about mispronunciation of names, and how it's your fault if you struggle with someone's name. (more…)
Who cares?
3 December 2020
Many years ago, when I was a mere lad, I used to watch a children's TV scifi show, starring Jon Pertwee and then, later, Tom Baker. Unfortunately, it started going downhill after Baker's departure; or perhaps I'd just outgrown it. The last time that I saw Doctor Who, albeit in passing, Sylvester McCoy was butchering the titular character. It was so bad that I couldn't watch it, and the show was put out of its misery shortly thereafter. (more…)
Just a regular guy
2 December 2020
In what appears to be a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the public consciousness, Ellen Page has come out. Again. Strewth, is she ever in for more than five minutes? (more…)
Time To Die
26 November 2020
There's some dismay on social media over the retirement of James Bond, in favour of a black woman, in the upcoming No Time To Die. And it's not just old white men that are offended by the retconning of a decades-old, beloved franchise character for the sake of progressivism and virtue signalling. (more…)
The moral minority?
19 November 2020
The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's Fairytale of New York is a Christmas classic, beloved since its release in 1987. This year, however, BBC Radio 1 will only play an edited version because its audience may be offended by some of the lyrics. Shit…bag! (more…)
Scooby don't
11 October 2020
Wahey! Velma's gay. (more…)
Disney Minus
6 September 2020
Reviews of Disney's live action remake of Mulan have been generally mixed to favourable. I like the story, and I was looking forward to this release. But…hnnng, I can't. (more…)
It's finger cleanin' responsibly good
25 August 2020
KFC is temporarily shelving its finger lickin' good slogan, in light of the pandemic. (more…)
Too sensitive?
4 August 2020
Audi have apologised for a car advertisement which depicts a little girl leaning against the front of a car eating a banana, after the Twitterati condemned it as provocative and life-threatening. (more…)
A dog with no name
16 July 2020
RAF Scampton—the home of 617 Squadron, The Dambusters—has replaced the gravestone of the squadron's mascot, a black Labrador named Nigger, who died on the night of the famous raid on the Ruhr dams in 1943. Squadron Leader Guy Gibson, whose dog he was, named him because, at the time, nigger was not a derogatory reference, rather simply the name for a shade of black. (more…)
Lady A at war with Lady A
11 July 2020
Following the death of George Floyd, and amid a reappraisal of racially insensitive practices, country trio Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A. Which is unfortunate, since Anita White has performed under that same name for two decades. Now Lady A(ntebellum) are suing Lady A(nita). (more…)
Fear the frost
24 June 2020
Being the wrong side of 50, I am somewhat behind the curve, not that I was ever ahead of it at the best of times. I'm aware of woke, snowflakes, pandering, and SJW, but only today did I discover that Marvel plan to reboot their superhero team, New Warriors, with their first non-binary* character. The character is also black and wears blue. His/her/its/their name? None other than…ummm…Snowflake. (more…)
Keeping mum
8 March 2019
The hand-wringing over whitewashing in Hollywood has taken a slightly more surreal turn when Will Smith is accused of not being black enough to play Richard Williams in a biopic. (more…)
Mary, Mary, on the contrary
13 March 2018
According to a new film, Mary Magdalene was not a fallen women redeemed by Christ; that was all made up by Pope Gregory I in 591. Instead, she has now been given a completely new, and likely just as fictitious, back story. (more…)