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Slow news day
25 September 2023

On 18th April 1930, the BBC's newsreader simply announced There is no news, followed by fifteen minutes of music to fill the segment. And that little item appeared as one of the most read today on the BBC News site. Except the (not today) in the link doesn't refer to today's today, but the today of 18th April 2017.

Photo op
25 August 2023

Orange Don and fellow travellers have handed themselves over to Fulton County Sheriff's office to have their mugshots taken. Some of the photos, however, have been criticised by experts in the field of taking snappy snaps, for their lack of professionalism.

Talking heads
14 June 2023

The UK's communications industry watchdog, Ofcom, is to canvas public opinion on politicians hosting current affairs programmes.

All the news that's fit to ignore
14 June 2023

According to research by Oxford University's Reuters Institute, strong interest in the news has declined globally over the last six years. The report's authors suggest that this is because readers selectively avoid important stories, to reduce their exposure to depressing news and protect their mental health.

The first [insert] in space
22 May 2023

As significant firsts retreat further into history, journalists struggle to identify new firsts that will make their otherwise ho-hum reports stand out to the casual reader. So, it must've come as some relief to David Gritten when Rayyanah Barnawi became the first Arab woman in space.

Another hole for pigeons
22 May 2023

We live in an ever-changing and challenging world, one in which deep fakes; manipulated photos and video; and AI-weaponised disinformation become indistinguishable from reality. Nefarious entities abuse information technologies, wilfully manipulating the news and social media in furtherance of their own agendas.

Anus horribilis
25 March 2023

Following a sixth-grade art lesson at Tallahassee Classical School, FL, a parent complained that the students had been exposed to pornography when shown Michelangelo's statue of David. As a result, the school's principal was forced to resign or be fired.

More breaking news
6 October 2022

Another breaking story from BBC News, which follows the mass killing of children and adults by an ex-police officer in a Thai daycare centre. There is no indication that this page will be updated, as opposed to a new one being created and linked. We shall see.

Immorality code
17 September 2022

Mahsa Amini was arrested by Iran's morality police for not wearing a hijab, in contravention of the country's strict rules on head coverings. She was beaten while inside a police van. Because it's immoral for a woman to not cover her head, but it's okey-dokey for the police to kick the crap out of her. That's not immoral; is that it? (rolleyes)

Harsh, but fair
2 September 2022

The BBC's quiz of the week is an opportunity for you to discover how little of the week's news you paid attention to. Seven multiple-choice questions shouldn't be too hard, though, should it?

Breaking news: a little more transparency?
12 August 2022

Another breaking news story on the BBC, this time concerning an attack on the author Sir Salman Rushdie, in New York. This time, however, the footnote advises not only that this is a breaking story to be updated, but also that refreshing the page will bring the most recent version. With neither clarification as to what's been updated or corrected, nor any edit timestamp as to when it occurred. Naturally. (rolleyes)

The world's most trusted social media
21 July 2022

In a discovery that should surprise absolutely nobody, the UK's teenagers rely on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for news, rather than traditional media outlets. This startling revelation comes in a report from the UK's communications regulator, Ofcom.

Developing story: to be stealth updated
8 July 2022

I have previously noted that the world's most trusted international news broadcaster™ is not adverse to stealth editing its articles after they've been published online. An ethical news outlet would make changes clear to the reader, or find another way to update its articles in light of new information. At the very least they would include a last updated timestamp. But the BBC eschews that transparency nonsense.

The unknown incel
14 June 2022

An incel who murdered ten people in Toronto in 2018, by driving a van into pedestrians, has been sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years. He was found guilty of the crimes last year.

Political dishonesty
17 May 2022

It appears, quelle surprise!, that the Russian population receives a different narrative on the war in Ukraine to the rest of us. But one military analyst, retired colonel Mikhail Khodarenok, gave a frank and forthright assessment of the situation on Russian state TV: we are in total political isolation and the whole world is against us, even if we don't want to admit it.

No Newzz is good news
24 March 2022

BuzzFeed News—or should that be Newzz?—is being shuttered, at the urging of shareholders. The news landscape will never be the same again. Hopefully.

17 March 2022

So, you're the world's most trusted international news broadcaster™, and you have a ground-breaking story on the rejuvenation of the UK's electricity distribution network. At least in terms of the design of that part keeping the cables off the ground.

Is this really 'news'?
9 July 2021

The BBC claims to be the world's most trusted international news broadcaster. I take this to mean that it broadcasts news of international importance. If so, how on earth does this non-story make the home page?

Ba-da-Bing ba-da-bong
5 June 2021

Tank Man was an iconic symbol of the 1989 student protests in Tiananmen Square. A lone, unidentified man stood in front of a column of Chinese PLA tanks, only moving as the lead tank tried to manoeuvre around him, to once again block its path. China has censored all reference to this protest within the country. The L in PLA is as ironic as Tank Man is iconic.

Blue, not blue
2 October 2020

Five African grey parrots at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have been removed from public view for swearing at visitors. They swear to trigger a response, even among themselves, and that encourages them to swear even more. So, not unlike teenagers and Frankie Boyle then. (pipe)

Obama re-elected. Twice.
7 November 2012

According to the BBC, Obama has been re-elected, and in addition he's been re-elected as US president. I'm not sure what the first election was for, but I'm sure he's very happy nonetheless.

Tits oot fer the lads! Or 'hubris, thy name art Royal scandal'
18 September 2012

After some innocent holiday snaps taken of a picturesque French chateau were shown to include views of Kate's knockers, they were offered for sale to the British press; the photographs of ma'am's mamms that is, not the royal jugs themselves.