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Mark my words
19 April 2024

On two of the three questions I guessed wrong in this week's BBC News quiz…

From hero to joker
12 April 2024

This week's BBC News quiz started with a hero, and ended with an antihero.

Don't bother they're here
12 January 2024

This week's BBC News quiz ends, as is so often the case, with a celebrity death. This time, it's that of Glynis Johns, and the category descriptions all refer to her stage hit, Send in the Clowns.

The total fucking irony
1 January 2024

BBC Radio 4 has an online grammar quiz dedicated to that most maligned of punctuation, the apostrophe. In prefacing the quiz, they have apparently used the BBC style guidelines for these examples – so blame them, not us. Well, okay then; but are they not part of the BBC? (confused)

Madge on the march
20 October 2023

Madonna opened her greatest hits Celebration Tour in London on Saturday, and with it this week's BBC News quiz. Performing four decades of songs, from her first album released in 1983 through to 2019, Borderline was not part of the set list.

Big and dense
6 October 2023

A week of news that I barely paid attention to ends with a BBC News quiz result that speaks both to me and of me in equal measure: Supermassive Black Hole.

22 September 2023

This week's BBC quiz of the week ended with a question on astronomy, hence the scores' categories. Now, we all know that Space Oddity was a '70s hit for David Bowie, and Lucky Star was by Madonna, back when she was interesting and relevant; but what about Waiting for a Star to Fall, released all the way back in 1988? That was by Boy Meets Girl, and I knew the answer without having to look it up. (proud)

False advertising?
1 September 2023

The BBC's quiz of the week headlines with the teaser to the right, but follows with this question: Rap star Eminem asked Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to stop using his songs, after the biotech entrepreneur performed Lose Yourself at the Iowa State Fair. Which other politician was previously told to stop using the rapper’s music?

No sex please, we're rabbits
28 July 2023

Celebrity deaths seem to be quite the thing for closing the BBC's quiz of the week. This week's ended with the passing of Tony Bennett. But that's not what made it remarkable, at least for me, because I knew about Bennett's death already, albeit not that his stage name had been given to him by Bob Hope.

With great power…
16 June 2023

The death of Marvel Comics artist John Romita Sr, who worked on Spider-Man during his career at the comics publisher, was marked by three quotes from the webslinger's adventures. I'm not really a Spider-Man fan, and none of them were familiar to me. The only quote that springs to my mind would've been perfect for the top spot: with great power comes great responsibility.

Twinkle toes
28 April 2023

Len Goodman, head judge of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars, died this week, and the BBC News quiz of the week honoured him with its final question. The categories' descriptions are three of his witticisms (apparently, I never watched the bloody shows myself).

Low self esteem
21 April 2023

This week's BBC News quiz finished off with a question on the BBC Proms: Pop star Self Esteem was included in the line-up for this year's BBC Proms. But which children's TV show also has two slots in the eight-week classical music festival?

Mr whippy
31 March 2023

This week's BBC News quiz of the week ended with a question on the UK following the Dutch lead in banning nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, for recreational use.

Harsh, but fair
2 September 2022

The BBC's quiz of the week is an opportunity for you to discover how little of the week's news you paid attention to. Seven multiple-choice questions shouldn't be too hard, though, should it?

22 March 2022

BBC News runs a weekly timed multiple-choice quiz: ten news-based questions, with four possible answers, and ten seconds to answer each one.

His Royal Popness
25 February 2022

This week's BBC News quiz is teased with Which pop royalty will play this jubilee gig? Someone has an insanely liberal definition of pop royalty if the answer's George Ezra. (pipe)

When correct is incorrect
10 December 2021

BBC Bitesize is a series of purportedly educational learning materials and quizzes for children. Or is it? Educational, that is.

This little piggy…
26 November 2021

BBC News' quiz of the week starts off with a question about BoJo's enjoyment of a children's theme park. I hadn't read the article, so I didn't know the answer…

It must be Thanksgiving
22 November 2021

To celebrate Thanksgiving, BBC Food asks me How much do you know about American food? And presents a handy-dandy little quiz, to check whether I'm lying or not.

Blue, not blue
2 October 2020

Five African grey parrots at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have been removed from public view for swearing at visitors. They swear to trigger a response, even among themselves, and that encourages them to swear even more. So, not unlike teenagers and Frankie Boyle then. (pipe)