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On the up
14 March 2024

It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it. And that applies just as much to the mainstream media announcing Oscars 2024's viewership, which increased to 19.5M over last year's 18.8M. CBS News chose to celebrate this achievement with the following headline: 2024 Oscars ratings reveal biggest viewership in 4 years. Similarly, The Hollywood reporter went with TV Ratings: Oscars Score Post-Pandemic Highs, while those excitable little monkeys at TheWrap stuck their necks out and proclaimed Oscars 2024 Hit 4-Year Viewership High With 19.5 Million.

The trouble with travel
11 September 2022

Until now, all posts that I've made to this blog have been from the same time zone as the server. So, all I have to do to record the date and time of a post, is to set the default value in the datetime column to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(). Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

5 July 2022

I was idly curious as to the benefits of the Nginx web server over Apache, for no other reason than that Nginx comes as the default web server on Synology DiskStations, and Apache has to be installed separately. I install Apache because I'm vaguely familiar with it.

Useless error message #1253
7 June 2022

I had Let's Encrypt certificates working long-time on my Synology DiskStation NAS, that is until some extended shenanigans by my ISP left me offline during the renewal period. To add to the fun, my router also died, so I had to install a new one. All of this, of course, meant that the certificate wasn't renewed in the usual manner. Ne'ermind, I'll just delete the old certificate and create a new one. Or so I thought.

Inline emojis
17 December 2019

As I was updating the emojis for this site, I thought about having them scalable to fit within the line, no matter the font size. It's easy enough to scale SVG images nicely, compared to GIF. They are, after all, vectors.

Sequel, the first
27 December 2004

Structured Query Language, or SQL, is the programming language used to interrogate relational databases. But how does one pronounced SQL when discussing it?

Next project
27 December 2004

I have on order a new hard disk drive, a Western Digital Raptor. It will replace the steaming dogturd—an IBM Deskstar 75GXP, AKA deathstar—in my old PC. My other deathstars have not been an unmitigated success.

Oi, what have you been up to fatty?
28 September 2004

Well, since you ask so nicely, I shall tell you, gentle reader. I've been building a website. Or, rather, rebuilding it. Actually, re-rebuilding it, if I'm to be perfectly honest. And not just one, but that's another story.