All's not what it seems

The great escape

BBC home page
BBC home page. Either Passengers from Italy in India escape quarantine or Passengers from Italy in Indian quarantine escape would suffice.
BBC headline
BBC article headline. That's better, Auntie!

The BBC might like to consider pulling their home page text from the same source as their article headlines. That way, they would only have to correct any errors once. Of course, BBC editorial competence being what it is, the downside is that they could have the same error twice.

And, no, this isn't a comment on their disdain for adjectives in the home page link text. By the simple expedient of moving the verb, not only does it read correctly, but the national adjective becomes the country name and all's good. (thumbup)

The article made me laugh though. Infected passengers who didn't want to go into quarantine simply ran away from the airport and hospital. The incompetence of the Indian authorities is most risible. (LOL)