I think I've pissed myself

Not so much a blog as a dump

And an unfiltered one at that.

This is just a place to squirrel away various brain farts as they occur to me, largely for my own amusement. Most of the entries are piddling reflections on news or common cultural items. If you find it amusing, that's cool; if you find it offensive, it's unintentional; and if you find it enlightening, check your facts.

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I don't do Facebook or Instagram, and Twitter's a cesspit of narcissism and anger management issues, for losers who need to exhibit their mental health problems in public. So this site is a proud member of the antisocial network, if that's not an oxymoron.

Commenting is off, until I figure a usable spam protection, probably never. But I figure that most of the crap that I post here is below any reasonably sane commentary anyway; which just leaves those bloody inane linkbacks. And the interwebz are better off without those, eh kids?

Predatory publishers and conferences

There are many posts here—235, actually, with 629 updates—on the subject of skeevy predators despoiling the academic record for profit. They're added not for entertainment purposes—as much as anything here could be considered entertainment—but simply for record-keeping and taking the piss. They're presented neither on the front page to this blog, nor in the next/previous links at the top of other posts, nor by the randomiser.

They can be found in the archive, by using the search facility, or the specific tag: predatory publishing & conferences.