It's all gone to shit


I received an invite from someone who I'd briefly exchanged emails with about two years ago, asking me to be their friend on Facebook. And all I'd have to do is join first.

This puzzled me somewhat. I mean, why the hell should I care? I don't have a Facebook account, nor am I ever likely to.

When I joined Friends Reunited no one wanted to reunite with me. I suspect that if I joined Facebook I'd be the only person there with no friends too. My wife might help me out, but even then there's really no guarantee.

The problem is that I just don't have enough interesting things to put up on the interwebz, and the few that I do have are squandered by the unutterable tedium of my personality.

It's by people like me not joining Facebook that it remains a happening, vital place for the hep kats'n'kittens to hang out. Really.

And, through my wearing a tinfoil hat, I take exception to Facebook's cavalier aproach to privacy issues.