And it's come to this

Sorry I'm out of the office, but in Welsh

photograph of Welsh roadsign
Anfonwch unrhyw waith i'w gyfieithu translates to send any work for translation! (SMH)

All official road signs in Wales are bilingual. So, when Swansea Council needed a translation of a road sign, they sent an email to their in-house translation department. The reply was then dutifully written on the sign. Except that the reply was actually an out of office message, in Welsh!

According to Dylan Iorwerth, managing editor of Welsh-language magazine Golwg: Everything these days seems to be written first in English and then translated. Ideally, they should be written separately in both languages.

Or, perhaps simpler, what if Swansea Council's in-house translation service translated their out of office messages from Welsh into English, and then used both versions in their automated responses? It shouldn't be beyond the wit of even a Welsh civil servant, to realise that anyone contacting an English-Welsh translation service might be doing so because their Welsh language skills aren't too strong in the first place. Duh!