All's not what it seems

Safety in mind

MegaCorpCH is committed to worker safety. This gives all of its employees a warm, fuzzy feeling, for it means that the man cares about us.

Since worker safety is paramount, then it's a compulsory 20% of everyone's personal goals. Which affects everyone's bonus. But, this is fair, right? After all, if I create a trip hazard in the office, then my personal safety bonus should reflect that. That's the way things should be.

But, MegaCorpCH is SO committed to safety that any lost-time injury, anywhere, will impact everyone's safety bonuses. As for an on-site, work-related death, then the safety portion of everyone's bonus is totally fucked.

Don't get me wrong, any worker's injury or demise outweighs a detriment to our bonuses. But that's not the point.

The point of personal goals is to recognise personal performance; the clue, for the benefit of executive management and HR, is in the word personal. To tie any part to others' performance, outside the sphere of influence of the individual, is to completely miss the point. Broader safety targets are a corporate goal.

Unless the point is to save money, by reducing bonuses across the company, at a stroke! Perhaps the man only cares about money after all? (thinking)