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F*c*book is harmless. Honest!
9 August 2023

A study conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute suggests that using Facebook is not linked to widespread psychological harm. Oh yes, indeed. And you know you can trust the findings, because they said so. (no)

It's not brayn surjury!
9 March 2022

Immediately following a megajournal, I was greeted by this missive in my inbox from Megan Taylor, who, by earlier definition, must be an impressively large N Taylor. (LOL)

Pharmed out
13 February 2022

According to the subject line of Laura Green's missive, my presence is expected at Pharma-2022.

I'm sarcastic, therefore I'm brainy
12 January 2022

According to David Robson, writing for BBC Family Tree, a teenager's sarcasm reflects their intellect. Fortunately for me, my sarcastic teen, Emily, doesn't read the BBC online.

Red wine and dementia
9 December 2021

According to Dr Will Mitchell, there are 3 ways to kill dementia. So it's strange that he's only offering one here. But I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Tinfoil communications
22 August 2021

Writing for BBC Worklife (Remote Control subdivision), Mark Johanson explores whether your work messages are as private as you think. It seems like a strange question to ask, to be honest.

Publish, and be damned!
16 March 2019

One form of spam, that I regularly receive, is from predatory publishers requesting that I submit my valuable research to their valueless journals for immediate publication…for a usually undisclosed fee.

Should I leave my brain to medical science?*
13 November 2012

Claudia Hammond addresses the old question as to whether we really only use 10% of our brains. Except she doesn't actually address it an any depth, or substantiate the alternative, or come to any real conclusions. But this is a BBC online magazine article, so what can you expect?

Mi braynz num
29 August 2012

It appears that habitual cannabis use, particularly from adolescence, can result in a permanent reduction in IQ.

No shit, Sherlock: We got braynz
29 August 2012

According to the BBC, after his assassination Leon Trotsky's brain proved unusually heavy.

Essex girls in club fight shocker!
24 October 2011

I understand that in the UK you have a televisual entertainment programme entitled The Only Way Is Essex. I'm not sure that I want to know any more about this than I do already…chav TV, say no more!

Living with Boris
11 January 2005

On a couple of occasions at the supermarket, over the last few months, I've had difficulty in focussing on the items on the shelves. Not so much visually as mentally, it all becomes a sickening blur.