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Living on the Edge
8 February 2023

Two of my least favourite things in the computing world—M$'s Bing search engine and Edge browser—are being brought together in some kind of buck-toothed search-cum-digital assistant mash-up.

Edged out
21 May 2021

M$ is finally retiring its venerable browser, Internet Explorer. It's the end of an era. (sad)

An open letter to Google
20 April 2013

Dear Google,

It's official, using IE makes you stupid
3 August 2011

Okay, not quite, but from the Bonkers Unit at the Institute of Meaningless Results comes this analysis of IQ vs internet browser use. The researchers conclude that if you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer.

Browser wars: why does it matter?
5 May 2010

The BBC reports on Internet Explorer's declining market share, although it's still the dominant web browser at around 60%. But why does it matter? Other than the time-honoured arguments of security and standards, why should anyone care whether people use IE or any other browser?

Not to be outdone, FF gets its own government health warning
23 March 2010

And now those loveable, laff-a-minute Germans are advising against the use of Firefox. Herr u. Frau Smug, who dumped IE to avoid the ballyhoo over Billy's Bastard Browser™, have simply opened up their pooters to rape 'n' pillage through security flaws identified in FF3.6, which was itself released to fix earlier vulnerabilities.

IE gets another government health warning
18 January 2010

They seek 'em here They seek 'em there Those Frenchies seek 'em ev'rywhere Malware and trojans Cause Windows® to pause Through Int'net Exploder's security flaws

IE gets its very own government health warning
18 January 2010

The German government have issued a warning—presumably to Germans—not to use Internet Exploder in the wake of some Chinese people doing something naughty to Google. M$ are working on fixes to versions 6-8 to rectify the security flaw, hopefully without introducing a new and more exciting one. Presumably users of the venerable version 5 can go screw themselves.