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21 April 2022

I've decided to replace my ageing, and too small, Trek Singletrack mountain bike that I use around my Basel pied-à-terre. My wife thought it was a good idea, but that I didn't need another Bianchi. So, I'm getting a Bianchi Magma 9S. It is rather pretty.

Joker of the mountains
12 September 2021

Back in 2014, when I bought my current road bike, Campagnolo group sets were limited to eleven cogs on the cassette, and a maximum of only 29 teeth at the high end. Mine has a measly range of 12–27T.

A second anchi!
11 June 2015

After thinking that I could replace both of my road and off-road bikes with just one new bike, I've decided to buy a new XC bike. It's also a Bianchi, a Methanol 29.3 FS to be exact. I'm such a tart.

New bike!
15 August 2014

I am finally replacing my aging Trek Single Track 930 mountain bike and Trek 1000 road bike. My new steed is a Bianchi Infinito CV endurance road bike, with Campagnolo Chorus gear set. It is very pretty.