And it's come to this

New bike!

I am finally replacing my aging Trek Single Track 930 mountain bike and Trek 1000 road bike. My new steed is a Bianchi Infinito CV endurance road bike, with Campagnolo Chorus gear set. It is very pretty.

image of Bianchi Infinito CV

I'd never heard of Campagnolo before. But they make gears, brakes, and wheels for bicycles, like Shimano. But, unlike Shimano, they don't make fishing tackle. Apparently, this is important to the cognoscentifanbois who lurk on biking forums.

In researching my new purchase I came across a whole netherworld of bike geeks. I also came across a bewildering array of choices that I was unaware of when I last bought a bike. In those days, I just walked into a shop and walked out with whatever they happened to have that was about the right size and looked nice. I didn't even know that there were gearset manufacturers that were not Shimano. Nor did I really care, to be honest.

But now I have a choice, and I feel empowered. At least I would if it were not all so confusing! In in the end I went with Campagnolo because I prefer the ergonomics of their gear system. I never did like the way that Shimano's brake levers move laterally to shift gears, to me it's counter-intuitive and I often shifted when braking. I'm just a spaz, I guess. (shrug)

Campagnolo 1:0 Shimano

On the other hand, the cassette that comes with the bike is a measly 12–27T, and the best that I can upgrade to is 12–29T. Shimano, however, offers 11–32T. Although that might not offer such finesse, it does offer greater range in gear choice, especially at the higher end. I'm not much of a climber, and that larger cog on the cassette would be really helpful.

Campagnolo 1:1 Shimano

The Campagnolo gearsets are not as ugly as the Shimano ones, especially the electronic versions. But electronic gearsets are way more expensive than manual ones. Besides, there's something not quite right about plugging your push bike into the electricity mains to charge its battery.

Campagnolo 2:1 Shimano

And Tullio Campagnolo invented not only the quick-release skewer but also, better still, the self-centring wine bottle opener. Gotta admit, as non-cycling spin-offs go that is bloody inspired, especially in comparison to fishing tackle! (thumbup)

Campagnolo 4:1 Shimano

While I was researching my new purchase, I found on some forum mention of BikeRadar's video reviews including Warren Rossiter [senior technical editor] talking bollocks. I can't find it now, it's probably been deleted, but I wanted to note it here for shitz 'n' gigglz.